Ignite the Worlds Within

You guys. I have to write this today. This moment. The energy in the room I’m sitting is SO fucking thick you could cut it with a knife. It’s swirling and twirling. I have truly found what ignites the worlds within me and sets my heart aflame with more passion than I ever thought possible….


Just a Woman who decided to GO FOR IT

I left home at 17 for college and never returned to my hometown of Boise, Idaho. I got my degree in Marketing from Utah State University in 3 years but took 6 months to teach English to children in Siberia. Ufa, Russia I graduated college and moved to Chicago with my then husband to fulfill…


Live for YOU

What do YOU want to do? What is holding you back? Are YOU really that scared? Or Are you just scared of what THEY will say and think when they watch you Try Succeed Fail Thrive Find Happiness Will they think: “Who does she/he think they are” Newsflash: THEY don’t fucking matter! Go do your…

Don’t forget about us Single Moms

The biggest struggle I hear from Single Moms is the isolation factor. We are suddenly in a tribe by ourselves. We used to do couple activities with friends and also as families with our kids. Everything has changed now. One thing we want everyone to realize is that We are STILL a family.  It may…


Mom Life: In our Family we Talk about Sadness

Last night I read something that crippled me with sadness. “I can’t fall apart” I kept saying to myself. I have two hungry boys to feed and get off to bed. So that was my mantra and just as us Mom’s do, I kept on going with a smile on my face, knowing I could…


Mom Life: Be the Fastest to..

This morning these little munchkins were telling me all about how FAST they were. I’m the fastest at math packets in my class. I’m the FASTEST runner in gym. I’m the fastest to read in school. I’m the fastest to the goal at soccer. While I know this is a little boy thing and they…


I’m Slowly Going Vegan: Meal Idea

I’m starting a new series called … I’m Slowly Going Vegan! Haha! Bet you couldn’t guess that one! Anyways, I am shifting toward plant based for a number of reasons that maybe I will get into later. What my purpose with this series is to share the hits and misses as I find substitutes, new…