Amsterdam Marathon Recap

Amsterdam Marathon I had heard so many friends I have in Europe talk about this Marathon for years now so earlier in the spring I finally decided I would sign up and it would be my fall marathon. I was in peak fitness and getting ready to start training for the marathon after I returned…


Chicago Marathon Weekend

Wowza you guys! I am still riding the high from this last weekend. I just need to jump into recapping it to get all the goodness out there! Friday. Jess and I held a Yoga Workshop with the theme “Letting Go”. This truly had to be one of my all time favorite classes I have…


6 Running “Things” I Can’t Live Without

I did a 10 mile TRAIL RUN yesterday and Chicago was having some pretty spectacular weather! I think my body had already acclimated to the “Fallish” temperatures because I was a sweaty mess! I also am getting over an icky cold/sore throat so I was a snotty mess during the run. Haha! My snapchat family…

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So I found a website with a daily word prompt. I LOVED this idea! I think I am going to use this some days to get the brain flowing and write my blog posts. Today’s word is TREE. I instantly think of Tree Pose in Yoga. I love teaching this pose to children and it…


20 mile RUN to end Marathon Training and catching up

Phewwwww! What a weekend you guys! I think I needed a few days off to decompress and then when I wanted to write I had a little debacle with my phone! Since most of you probably follow me on other social media channels I will direct you there to see the full story …. Instagram…



30 Days of BLOGGING is Done!

Well 30 days of blogging is done! Crazy that I made it! I don’t know where this month went. What I have learned from this project is the power of consistency and vulnerability. This has been a very growing month for me. I actually look back at everything I have done this month and it…


Trail Running and Facing Fears

Day 29! Wowza I can’t believe this month is almost over!!!!! Yesterday I got in a 10 mile trail run. It was the fastest that I have ever ran that loop so I was excited that the consistency is paying off. The first few times I ran that loop I couldn’t make it up the…