Time = Power

Sometimes less is more. So today I wanted to write LESS. Which as we all know is genuinely hard for me and anyone who knows me personally knows I talk as much as I write! A reoccurring thought yesterday and today is this… Time heals. Everything. And Time changes perspectives. Once upon a time 4…


Whip It Out Moms!

I don’t have any specific posts in mind for today but wanted to sit and just BE with my writing and computer (and cup of coffee) so let’s see where this goes. So yesterday I read an article about Breastfeeding. No I am not having another baby BUT it popped into my feed and the…



MOMS…I am Rooting for YOUR Rise!

I started a couple different posts today and didn’t finish either of them so I deleted them. My kids were up at 5:15am (Have I mentioned how much I think the time change ROCKS …. insert highest levels of Mommy sarcasm) and my morning routine got interrupted by morning kisses and hugs, a nice foot…


Finding BRAVERY through spilled coffee at 5am on a Monday Morning.

Can we just call this “Mind-Dump Monday”? I am having one of those crazy mornings. Ok. I guess at 5am it can’t be too crazy. But crazy in my head. Where you wake up in the wee hours of the night and your mind suddenly has decided to think about solving the mysteries of the…


Friday Favorites … My FAVORITE Workout Gear!

Here are my current FAVORITE Workout Items. Disclaimer: I have ZERO affiliation with ANY company except Rudy Project (Because their helmets have saved mine and my friends lives and their aviators are my jam) …. So this is 210% my own opinions and purchases unless stated otherwise. Maybe someday I will do sponsored posts and…


We are ALL in this TOGETHER

Do you ever have those moments of solace. I know how RARE they are when we have children but I seem to find them in the early mornings during my meditation practice, writing, sipping my perfectly made cappuccino and watching the sun begin to shine on the outside world from my favorite window. My favorite…


Ironman Arizona … One Year Later

I’m sitting here under a full moon. It is SO bright and shining through the window of my favorite room. I am sitting cozy in my favorite chair snuggled in a soft and warm blanket. I can hear the soft music playing in the room next door. My babies have been kissed, backs tickled and…