Zion’s National Park Day 2

20140508-213017.jpgDay 2 of Zion’s National Park included the Angel’s Landing Hike. Wow. Breathtaking.  If you are EVER in Southern Utah you HAVE to do this hike. It is challenging with the upness but so freaking worth it and FUN! The view from the top was simply unparalleled to anything I have seen before! My buddy and I had a blast taking about 1017 pictures on the way up and down! Haha! Lots of upsidedowness along with hiking upness! 20140508-213028.jpgMy first real deep hollowback! On a tree in the 25 mph wind of course!  Why make it any easier.20140508-213053.jpg

20140508-213044.jpgSometimes the best yoga shots are when you are actually falling out of a pose! At the peak the wind was SO insane that I didn’t dare going upside down…but I kinda like this wild thing variation! 20140508-213114.jpg20140508-213125.jpgBe one with the TREEEEEEZZZZZZ 20140508-213139.jpgAre we freaking going up that!?! Yup…holding on to chains to prevent slippage and falling! 20140508-213151.jpg20140508-213232.jpgDowndog on the stairs…why not? 20140508-213211.jpgCause I’m on top of the world, Hey! 20140508-213248.jpg20140508-213223.jpgNo words. 20140508-213311.jpgThis little wind tunnel was AWESOME! You could literally lean into the wind and it would hold you up!  20140508-213336.jpgPerfect day with a good friend! Can’t wait to go back sometime…amazing memories and images I will forever hold close! 20140508-213357.jpg


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  1. Julie says:

    I’ve done this hike a few times but only made it to the end once because of my crippling fear of falling. But, the time I made it to the end was seriously so monumental for me. I am so proud I finally conquered that hike, it will always be special to me because of that. The views are breathtaking too, which doesn’t hurt 🙂

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