Zion’s National Park Day 1

After the St. George 70.3 Half Ironman and my epic bike ride, my buddy and I decided to hike Zion’s National Park for a few days! The scenery below says it all…it was absolutely freaking amazing!!!20140508-212803.jpg Sometimes I do yoga in the middle of the road…because I seriously NEEDED this picture! Never got in and out of a pose so quickly though! 20140508-212823.jpg20140508-212815.jpgSometimes the simplest poses end up being the most beautiful…same with people and lives…simple truly is beauty. 20140508-212833.jpg20140508-212902.jpgDeep in thought…taking it all in…I don’t know if you can fully take in the expansive beauty here. 20140508-212852.jpgSometimes I make my friends do acroyoga with me even if they don’t do yoga!  20140508-212919.jpg My pants here are from my beloved Dona Jo Active Wear! Use my code RUNTRIMOM for 20% off! They really are my favorites and I wear them daily.


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