Yoga Workshops and Retreats

If you would like to book one of the following workshops for a private group or at your studio, email me at for rates and availability.

Paint and Meditate (and wine!)

This is my signature workshop and most popular for a Girl’s Night IN! Bring your favorite bottles of wine or beverage of choice and prepare for an adventure into your SOUL. We start the night with a group meditation to unleash our creativity. This is followed by a 90 minute soul painting session on life size canvas. You will be painting your answers to my questions and will discover your innermost desires, worth and wild spirit. This is a fun and yet deeply therapeutic session you will want to experience with your friends. We will follow up the painting session with a Q&A and chocolate! This workshop typically lasts around 2 hours and can only be done in person.


Meditation 101

I want to Meditate but where do I start?
If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I have created this special class for YOU! In this 60 minute class we will discuss the following:

What is Meditation?
How do I start Meditating?
What do I think about when I Meditate?
Why should I Meditate?
Where should I Meditate?
What time of day is best for Meditation?
How do I stay consistent?
Is Meditation okay to practice if I am religious?

You will leave this class with a knowledge and all the tools to start a daily meditation practice. Whether it is 1 minute or 30 minutes…Meditation is the GREATEST gift we can give ourselves on a daily basis. This class can be done virtually or in person. It can also be done as an individual or in a group.

Anger Balance and Wellness

In this 60 minute class we will discover tools to not only cope with but dispel the notion that anger is “wrong” or “bad”. We learn about healthy anger and techniques to control and balance this essential emotion through yoga, meditation and journaling. This can be done in person or virtually.


Weekend Retreats

I teach weekend retreats for:

Girls Weekends
Yoga Studios
Individual/Private Clients
Bachelorette Parties
or simply a group of friends who want to have a personalized YOGA Retreat!

The weekend includes Yoga, Meditation, Journaling and an Art Therapy Painting Project. It begins Friday evening and concludes Sunday by noon. I will send the sample itinerary when you contact me and we can tweak it to fit your wants and needs!

I can teach these in your home, at a rented space for your group or studios. I travel throughout the US and Internationally.

I have a flat rate for the weekend (no matter the size of the group)  Email me for availability and pricing!

Day Retreats

This is a shortened version of my signature weekend retreat. We will dive deep into the world of Yoga, Meditation and Art Therapy with a customized schedule based around your needs and desires.


Grief Wellness Coaching
5 – 60 Minute Sessions

Everyone experiences grief on some level at different points in life. Death, divorce, leaving careers, moving cities, disease, injuries, infertility and breakups all invoke deep emotions in the grief cycle. Each session includes Yoga and Meditation (Massage and Reiki when in person) as we work through the stages of grief and discover the beauty and peace that moving through the grieving cycle can provide. This can be done in person or virtually.


Finding Inner Bliss through Chakra Balancing Courses
7 – 60 minute sessions

Through yoga, meditation and chakra clearings we will discover the path to finding your authentic and most peaceful existence. We will delve into each Chakra (energy center) and learn to balance the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state. Optional use of massage, reiki, crystals and oils when done in person. This can be done in person or virtually.