Yoga in a Winter Wonderland

About a month ago I strolled in Lululemon to return something I bought online for a different size. Of course I ended up leaving with a couple new things though! Haha! As I was checking out I got chatting to the girl. I told her I was a Yoga Instructor and she asked where. I was telling her about Enlighten Yoga that Jess and I started and was talking about our latest workshop that we had done in Jess’s backyard around a bonfire.

Flash Forward, they LOVED this idea and reached out to us a few days later! They were hosting a big event and wanted us to help host it. We got together and planned for the most perfect evening of Yoga, Meditation and Art (in the form of burning things!) and we were SO excited for this event! It was truly fate we got chatting that day!


On the day of event, we were all set to go. And then the snow came…and came….and came… HAHA! By mid-day, Jess and I were texting saying it was STILL going and we needed a few backup plans in case the plans changed. We had laughed about this happening at our planning meeting saying it would be pretty cool if there was snow for the event but we didn’t anticipate over a foot! This is what my backyard looked like in ONE DAY!


We got to the Lululemon Store and as we thought, it was still ON and ON meaning outside, around a fire, backed up to a forest preserve and it was going to be MAGICAL with the first snow on the ground!

I was going to teach a standing only class with no mats and I had never done that before! Ha!

We got to the site and set everything up. It was SO quiet and peaceful. It was truly a winter wonderland. The trees looked magical, there was a beautiful black horse against the white snow, the snow was untouched, candles around a bonfire … It was perfection.


I started class by saying it wouldn’t be a typical Yoga class. We were going to have some fun and modify a lot of poses as well as toss in group and partner poses. Yoga isn’t about fancy handstands … Yoga can be done anywhere, in a chair, on the floor, anyBODY can do yoga, in an airplane or in our case … In over a foot of snow, standing and around a bonfire.

It was a beautiful practice followed by a beautiful meditation. To let go. To be authentic to our inner heart and spirit. We were all a bit chilly when we left but our hearts were warm.


It was an amazing night teaching with my partner. I like to call her my “Partner in Rise” because I feel like Jess inspires me, just by her love and support, to be the most authentic and BEST version of me. We met so many wonderful people from the community that night. We LOVE sharing our hearts and passion with others.

Thank you Lululemon for partnering with us to create a Magical Winter Wonderland Night for everyone involved!

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