Writing Challenge Day 8: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong

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DAY 8: What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong


I wish more people felt comfortable speaking and owning their own truth. Their stories. Their experiences. Me included in all reality. I’m very open, more than the average person but I feel like I could own my truth even more.

What holds us back. Fear of what others think.

That is honestly it.

If we gave less fucks what people would think of us, looking like we are negative or upsetting someone….We would all speak our truth more freely. In speaking our truth more freely, we would realize that we are SO much more alike than anyone could ever realize. As every day goes by I am starting to care less and less what other people think. I looked all over for this quote I once had but couldn’t find it so to sum it up it says, if you want me to write a better novel about you, you should have been a more inspiring character. Now I am not saying we need to go call people out publicly or hurt anyone, but universal truths should be shared. If you are going through something hard or challenging you should be able to share it versus only posting a pretty picture. I love following people with depth. Who say, today was a HARD day. Period. Who tell their story. Who acknowledge that not all people out there have our back. Who are HONEST. We are not all perfect. We are not all fine. Life is damn beautiful but it can be very messy too and we are humans having human emotions and experiences. We feel joy and anger. Sadness and giddy. Ups and Downs.

I wish the world would be more open. More truthful. Maybe I need to be more truthful too. We all could be on some level. Today is the day we should start. Perfection is boring. REAL and authentic is beautiful.

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