Writing Challenge Day 6: Write about something that is kicking your ass right now

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DAY 6: Write about something that is kicking your ass right now


I’m feeling like I’m an effing CRAZY person with this taper! And a full moon in Pisces isn’t helping! I was ranting on Snapchat about this so turned it into a post…Hahaha! I’ve been EXCITED, calm, ready for Ironman on Sunday and feeling GREAT this WHOLE time! And then I woke up this morning. I mean it doesn’t help I slept like zero last night but that’s beside the point. I woke up and I’ve been an anxious, nervous and emotional wreck today! I cried like 18 times over nothing.  I like don’t remember what I need for a triathlon anymore and feel anxious for this race. Like what if I forget how to swim all the sudden or what if it snows. I told you I’m going nuts!!! ? I think I forgot what it feels like before a big race…blocked out the craziness. Am I SUPPOSED to feel like this?!? Does anyone else lose their shit a few days before their races. Is this just a classic case of Taper Crazies?!? All I know is I’m freaking thankful MOM flies in tonight so she can ground me. I’m also thankful that Ryan over at @konaqualified has let me call him crying in a grocery store while trying to buy iced tea and gushers for my kids (that’s another story…) and multiple other times today to talk me down. Tell me YOUR crazy Taper Experiences and emotions so I don’t feel like I’m the only one on the planet that has gone bat shit crazy!

The relief I had was when my Mom flew in…She got in late last night after a long night of many hours of soccer practice for the kiddos. And also my Sissy, Sammy flew in super late and crawled into bed to snuggle the night away. The crew is here. It is go time….

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