Writing Challenge Day 5: 10 Random Songs I am listening to

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DAY 5: Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs

Ohhh how I LOVE music! I listen to it 24/7 and listen to ALL kinds! I wondered how to do this so what I will do is go through my 10 most recent SPOTIFY playlists, hit random and then write the song here. If you aren’t on Spotify I highly recommend it. I freaking LOVE that app! I am on it as “FitMomSteph” … Hahaha! It was my original account a million years ago before RunTriMom even exist. So if you want to find the full playlists, you can head over there!

  1. From Playlist “Wildly Qualified” I Like It, I Love It — Tim McGraw
  2. From Playlist “Wild and Free” (My current FAV playlist!!!) Road Less Traveled — Lauren Alaina
  3. From Playlist “Summer Nights” Crash Into Me — Dave Matthews
  4. From Playlist “Lion’s Gate” (A Yoga/Meditation class I taught) Diamonds in the Sun — Girish
  5. From Playlist “RUN” Bang Bang — Jessie J
  6. From Playlist “Summer Meditation 2017” Oceans Away — Gavin Mikhail
  7. From Playlist “Summer of 17” The One — The Chainsmokers
  8. From Playlist “Summer Lovin 2017” Heroes — Alesso
  9. From Playlist “Don’t Stop Believin” Free Fallin — Tom Petty
  10. From Playlist “Dream Big” Lose Yourself — Eminem
  11. From Playlist “Spring Training” I Really Like You — Carly Rae Jepson

I accidentally did one extra because I was having fun, hahaha! That was LEGIT completely random but fun to see! Hahaha! So there you go! A little sneak peek into my music and playlist names! Put YOUR music on random and list the FIRST song that comes up in the comments!

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