Writing Challenge Day 4: 3 Lessons You Want Your Children to Learn From You

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DAY 4: 3 Lessons You Want Your Children to Learn From You

  1. Never give up on a dream. No matter how many years pass. No matter the work that goes behind it. Never give up on your dreams. It is the dreamers of the world that will change the world. No dream you have is stupid or too big. Surround yourself with the people who support your dreams. Be a dreamer. Believe in the magic and wonder of life. Believe in yourself enough to know that you can and will reach your dreams.
  2. We love everyone. Race, Politics, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Religion, ect. We love EVERYone and accept everyone. We don’t tolerate bullying or being judgmental. You NEVER know what someone has been through, lived through, seen, had done to them or has experienced. And you NEVER will know that if YOU were in that person’s shoes…if you would have made the exact same choices as they did. Everyone has a story and because of that, we spread love and kindness instead of hate and judgement.
  3. Never get so busy building a life that you forget you have one. Live in the moment. Moments are all we are guaranteed. There may be no tomorrow so love fiercely TODAY. You can plan for tomorrow but never put your life on hold for tomorrow. Life is for living. Live cheaply and travel. Collect experiences and not things. Have a diverse group of friends from all walks of life. Cherish the day you are in. Never wait. If your heart says YES do it. But if it isn’t a fuck yes, it is a hell no.

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