Writing Challenge Day 3: 5 Ways to Win Your Heart

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DAY 3: 5 Ways to Win Your Heart

1. “My heart is not captured easily. I am disinterested in small talk, disillusioned with love, and too focused on my dreams and aspirations to lend anybody my attention for long. But if we make that connection, if you find your way into my heart, God, I will fall for you like gravity has let go of the earth.”  Beau Taplin


This is One. The biggest one. This is my heart and this is perfection. You won’t win me over at a fancy restaurant. I want wine barefoot on a beach. I would rather look at the stars than fancy jewelry with you. I don’t want small talk. I want depth and stories. My attention span in short, I tire of normal and traditional quickly. I want wild. If I fall for you, you will know. And you better be ready to fall with me…Or I will turn around and follow a shooting star to the magic.

2. You will win my heart by not playing games with it. I am woman, not a young girl. If you want my heart, pursue it. Don’t play with it. Games are for the insecure. If you want to call, call. If you want to text, text. If you want to see me, you will make an effort. It really is that simple. I believe in courtship as dated as that may seem. I will not be a second choice, a backup or a side girl. I will be a one and only woman or nothing at all.


3. I won’t settle. I have a wild heart and spirit. If you are meant to run next to me, you will let me run free as well. I need the open air and space to call my own. I am an individual and am fiercely independent. If you capture my heart, I will not be tamed. I will still run free at times. I will go into the wild and come back messy and beautiful all in one moment. But rest assured, If you capture my heart, I will come back to you. I will fall into your arms and your arms only. I will tell you stories of the wild I discovered and people I met. I will run wild with you at times too. We will explore the treasures of the earth from mountain tops to deserted beaches. You will be my grounding energy that I run back to and fall into. You must honor my wild and freedom.


4. You must be strong. Strong enough to carry me and hold me. I know the weak and their arms couldn’t bear the weight of my love. They collapsed under the passion of my soul and withered at the sight of my freedom. I am in touch with my divine feminine and I will honor your divine masculine. I will fall into you as my protector. If you win my heart, you will be given the task to protect it. My heart expands beyond galaxies so your strength must be immense. I will look to your masculine as the balance to my feminine. I am fierce, but even the strongest need a set of arms to hold them when they collapse.


5. Touch me. Hold me. Kiss me. Never let me go. Show me affection. Play with my hair and caress my naked body. Take time to stare into each other’s eyes. Practice meditation and yoga with me. Talk with full intention and full attention. Embrace my wild passion and sensuality by touch and words and you will capture my heart.


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  1. Jason says:

    This is so well written!!! I believe this can be used for us guys as well. Obviously some of the language has to be changed. Something I’ve longed for and never got.

    Hope you find that wild and free!

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