Writing Challenge Day 25: When you picture God, what does he/she look like

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DAY 25: When you picture God, what does he/she look like

I have write a lot about GOD in the past years…

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I think what has changed the most for me over the years is my image of God. Who he/she is. God used to be built around fear, guilt and shame for me. I have had periods of life where I threw my middle finger up at God. I have had moments when I fall to the ground pleading with God. I could write a book on my roller coaster relationship with God and maybe I will.

What I know for sure is God is LOVE. The God I know now doesn’t judge me. I will not be condemned or not allowed into heaven for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. God now loves me because God knows my heart. My heart is pure and good. Sure I have MANY shortcomings but God doesn’t see that. God sees my soul and my soul is perfect as it is. I don’t need to change a thing about who I am to please God or be accepted by God. I don’t really know about “Heaven” right now. I know with all my heart there is a place of LOVE and PEACE after death. But I am not quite sure what that looks like nor do I need to know at this time. I just know it is beautiful and everyone there is happy and accepting. God loves all beings. God doesn’t care who you voted for in the last election or how you worship him or even where you worship him for that matter. Temple and Trees are the same to God. God doesn’t care if you love boys or girls or change your gender. God just loves. He made us perfect and we are perfect. We are enough as we are right in this moment. God doesn’t care how much money you have or your social status. He just loves. God may be a man or woman. I sometimes resonate with one entity or the other depending on the moment because lets face it…a male god just can’t understand my struggles as a woman and mother but a male god has strong arms to carry me and protect me in times of pain and need. It doesn’t matter…God is simply LOVE. And I don’t care what you call “God”…Heavenly Father…The Universe…Angels…A Saint…Buddha…Allah…Stars…Magic…The Great Spirit…when you worship “God” know we are all worshipping the same higher power. We aren’t as different as  many people think. We resonate with the same LOVE and PEACE our individual God gives us. She is beautiful and kind and loving. It is all the same. I talk to my God on a daily basis through prayer and meditation. Spirituality runs deep within my soul and I know God loves me. That is what I know for sure. It really is that simple to me and nothing more needs to be known or said.

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