Writing Challenge Day 23: If you could start your life over, what 3 things would you change

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Day 23: If you could start your life over, what 3 things would you change

  1. I would be kinder. I don’t think there is a human alive that can say they couldn’t be kinder. I KNOW everyone is fighting a battle we don’t see. For this reason alone, I would be as kind as I could be to every single person I came across. Life experiences teach you about other’s secret battles. Abuse, Mental Illness, Grief, Loss, Failure and Pain are usually masked in our society. Kindness should be spread everywhere to everyone.
  2. I would have spent more time with my grandparents. I spent a TON of time with them and have the most amazing memories. They are my angels now and taught me unconditional love. I wish I had more time with them though. Forever wouldn’t be enough. I miss them daily. I wish they were here to talk through my adult life with. I wish I knew more about them. I knew them as a child and teen. They were my everything. They still are. More time is something we will always wish for once the ones we love most are gone.
  3. Not be so hard on myself. Starting as a young girl. I would give myself a break. Life is beautiful but life is hard. Perfection doesn’t exist but I didn’t learn for a long time. I would love myself more and discover my worth at 15 versus 30. I wouldn’t have let the opinions and lessons of a few leaders in my youth define me.I would have loved all of me more. Just as I do now.

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