Writing Challenge Day 21: What scares you most about dying?

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DAY 21:  What scares you most about dying?

I am no longer scared of death. Sure there are a million more things I want to do with my life and plan on doing. But death alone doesn’t scare me. I think it will be peaceful. I know the divine other side. I have heard other’s experiences and had some of my own. I want to continue to live each day of my life as a blessing. Each race I do as an opportunity. My health each day isn’t taken for granted. The people I love, I will love fiercer. Death doesn’t scare me or have power over me. Pain may but not death. I am more scared of losing someone before I am ready or with words unsaid. Living life as each day is a blessing helps with this. Life is gift and I live it and cherish it each day.

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