Writing Challenge Day 2: Who inspires you?

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DAY 2: Write about someone who inspires you.


Always and forever will be

my “why”

my “reason”

my “purpose”

I’m inspired by their innocence and sense of wonder.

I’m inspired by their laughter.

I’m inspired by how quick they are to say sorry and forgive.

I’m inspired by the way they simply are themselves. No worries and cares. They are thoughtful and kind. They are intelligent and eager to learn. They say please and thank you (well, some of the time but more than most adults!).

They know they are not perfect but they tell me they are trying their best.

They are sensitive and strong.

I am inspired by my children because in the end, they are my family and the only constant in my life. They are my grounding energy and support. They are my breath and heartbeat.

I’ve never loved so fully or fiercely until I held each of them. Nor will I ever again.

I am inspired by their unconditional love for me despite my imperfections. They are love to me and love is everything in this life.

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