Writing Challenge Day 19: Why did you start blogging/writing?

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DAY 19: Why did you start blogging/writing?

Truth be told I have always been writing. I have been writing since I was a little girl. I just didn’t realize it for many years that I was actually writing. Paper was always the easiest way for me to express myself and my thoughts.

I actually had a blog for many years that was more of a family style blog. After my divorce, I took it down. So I always loved blogging. I loved sharing in my small space of the universe.

Many years ago I was going to therapy to help with my marriage, divorce and aftermath. I went for two years. While I was going my angel therapist encouraged me to start writing. I had stopped for a time because my brain couldn’t handle processing anything. But with her encouragement and since I was extremely closed off, I started writing. And writing and writing. I just couldn’t stop. So for five years now, I just wake up and write most days. Not every single day and sometimes I go a longer period of time but between my social media, this blog and a journal…most days I do write. It is cathartic. It flows. It is natural. Almost like I was always supposed to do this. Writing is a passion of mine. It is meditative and freeing. It is my creative outlet and keeps my mind clear, keen and at peace. I have one long full length novel that I am waiting for the right time to publish. I have a shorter novel that I am working on polishing up at this time. I have one book that I am currently working on. I want to put out books into this world. It will be a creative journey for me. I honestly don’t know if anyone will read them but it isn’t for anyone else but me.

I read something the other day that has stayed with me…

“Refuse to feel ashamed of expressing yourself creatively … it’s your first language and your most authentic one”

Writing is truly my most authentic language and I am proud of it. I am not classically trained nor do I have any experience in structure. But I do know, that when I write, my most beautiful and authentic voice shines through. And so I will keep writing and putting my breath of life into words for ever and always.

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