Writing Challenge Day 17: What Meditation Has Taught Me

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DAY 17: What meditation has taught me?

I have wrote a lot about Meditation

HERE  and HERE for example

But lately Meditation has meant so much more to me in the sense of one word…


Gabby Bernstein says Surrender and then once you’ve Surrendered…Surrender more.

That has become my motto recently. I have been on the most magnificent roller coaster the past two years. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It taught me something…I really don’t have control over much.

My relationship with God is so divinely personal and intimate now that I finally can say I have full trust. I trust the Universe. I trust God. I trust angels. I trust magic. I trust it all. In my most raw, spirit form I simply trust.

When my ego acts up, is when the trouble begins and I start to spiral into a loss of control.

Meditation daily brings me back to the place of surrender and peace. Knowing that if I continue showing up daily that my life will be divinely guided. Yes, that simple. I believe it and I know it for sure. It doesn’t come without challenges and setbacks but it also comes with bliss and love.

I was recently asked what my 5 year plan was and truth be told, I don’t have one. I don’t know. My life has had so many unknown drastic curves that I simply quit planning. I just live and breath each day. This is where meditation kicks in to help quiet my mind that wants to organize and plan every single detail down to the hour and day things will happen. I’ve learned life doesn’t work that way. I have goals and am ambitious but I focus on the day to day. Not long term. With a vision in sight but a daily focus, it allows for the magic to come into play and create a beautiful unknown into reality.

Life is uncertain. But my meditation practice is certain. It is my solace and peace as it ebbs and flows to my needs on any given day and season of life. For now…Meditation helps me surrender…and surrender feels pretty freeing.

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