Writing Challenge Day 14: Write a letter to the person who broke your heart the most

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14. Write a letter to the person who broke your heart the most

Dear person who broke my heart the most,

You said I shouldn’t write anymore, I was a cliche…Guess what, I didn’t write for a time. You hit me where it hurt and destroyed my creative spirit. But now…you have no power over me and my ability to write and unleash my creativity every.damn.day. I am not a cliche because I am simply me. You taught me through this that words cut deep, but I heal like a mother fucker and never again will I let a man destroy my spirit with words. In the words of the beautiful Meryl Streep:

You told me you were embarrassed to be seen with me…Guess what, you never have to be seen with me again. You can sit back and just see me. You’re not allowed in my life anymore. You taught me that self confidence is one of the top three attributes I need in a man.

You told me the authors I love and the books I read are spewing nonsense and rhetoric about feminism and preying on the weak…Guess what, they are still my greatest teachers and helping millions of people worldwide become empowered and own their vulnerability, authenticity and stand up to bullying. In an increasing fake world, they are real. And that is beautiful. You taught me through this that weak men are threatened by strong women. Strong men empower strong women and want them rise.

You never chose me…Guess what, I choose myself. I don’t need your validation anymore. When you sliced me down with words, I begged for your love and validation. I don’t judge myself as pathetic as it looked. It was a moment in time and I lost my spirit. But I found it. Thank you for teaching me to never beg for love again. It is the most valuable gift you could have given me was to not choose me because I learned I never need to be chosen. I choose myself every.damn.morning. And when and if I find love, it will be free and light. We will choose each other with love and freedom. It will be easy because love is crystal clear and should never be begged for.

You told me if I followed my greatest dream in life that you could never be with me…Guess what, I chased that dream for half my life and I finally fucking got it!!! I am most grateful that you weren’t there with me to manifest it and soak in the bliss that comes when your dreams are finally realized. You taught me that a real man won’t be threatened by my dreams and successes. They will hold my hand and walk side by side, proud and confident. There is a song in the movie SING that reminded me of you. It is called I’m still standing…and these are the lyrics:

The threats you made were meant to cut me down
And if our love was just a circus you’d be a clown by now

Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I’m still standing after all this time
Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

I’m still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah

That is really all I have to say. You were once my curse but now I look at you as one of my biggest blessings. You showed me the power of love and the destruction of love. Both are two of the most valuable life lessons I could learn. Thank you. I have no bitterness. I have no hate. I have no hardness. I learned the most valuable lesson from an interview with Oprah and Maya Angelou. It is the power of Forgiveness and being Finished with it. I forgive you and I am finished with you. I will go on to add, I am grateful for the lessons you taught me. That is all I have to say to the person who broke my heart the most.

Maya: Yes. So then you forgive. It relieves you. You are relieved of carrying that burden of resentment. You really are lighter.

Oprah: I know you often say that love liberates us, but actually, forgiveness does.

Maya: But you can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, “I forgive. I’m finished with it.”

Oprah: I’ve tried to let people know, as you have taught me over the years, that when you forgive somebody, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to invite them to your table.

Maya: Indeed not. No, no, no. I don’t even want you around me. It just means I’m finished with you.

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  1. Scott says:

    Wow, unbelievable story. You are such a great person, a survivor. Your story is very similar to mine, I hope someday to find love too, the one you speak of. Keep being you!

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