Writing Challenge Day 10: 10 things you would tell your future self

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DAY 10: 10 things you would tell your future self

I liked the twist on this because normally we would tell our younger selves something…but this is unique so here it goes.

  1. You were a GOOD ENOUGH Mom. Never forget the love you poured into their childhood. The experiences you gave them. Remember the little snuggles and moments. That is when you felt alive and the most complete.
  2. I am proud of you. You woke up early. You dedicated yourself to a journey of becoming the most magnificent and fierce woman you could be. You worked hard behind closed doors where nobody else saw the grind. You did it.
  3. You made it through the single mom with young children years with grace and a hint of wildness. Never forget those days because they made you who you are today. You are a powerful woman who did it on her own. Cherish those single mom years. They seemed like eternity on some days but truly they fleeting and some of the best years of your life.
  4. Never lose your WILD. Don’t tame yourself and don’t let anyone tame you. Keep your wanderlust and remember the gypsy soul of yours is beautiful and free.
  5. It is ok to still not know what you are going to do with your life. Just keep following your curiosities because they will lead you to your passions. Your passions will lead you to your destiny. Your destiny will lead you to your truth.
  6. God loves you. The Universe loves you. Your angels love you. Magic loves you. It did then, now and forever will. When you find those still moments in the early darkness of morning, you will always remember.
  7. You are never too old to start again. You are never too old to try. You are never too old to be the person you want to be.
  8. Keep exploring the world. Whether it is your own backyard or a far off land. Never lose your sense of wonder and adventure. It defined you once and it forever engraved on your soul.
  9. Love more fiercely. Forgive easier. Don’t judge. Keep on being your beautiful self. Love your children harder. They still need you. As a 35 year old woman, you still need your mom so remember that they will still fiercely need you.
  10. Never lose HOPE.

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  1. Inna says:

    Love it all but especially #8. At 41 I decided it was not too late to explore, do things that others consider “crazy” and go on adventures big and small every chance I get. Love following your journey

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