Why I am Pro Social Media

A social media debate … On morning Tv

A social media debate … On morning Tv

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Tuesday, January 23, 2018


This was an interesting debate I watched this morning. I’m on Gary’s side. I see the MASSIVE benefit and advances with social media and am very PRO social media.

I’m not numb or naive to the harsher aspects but I don’t focus on it.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere and because of it, I’ve been able to connect with people all over the world and I can’t wait to see the global connections my children make. Does it need to be monitored for their emotional maturity. Yes. Do hard conversations need to be had. Yes. But I’m on board with social media and the incredible job it’s done at connecting humans.

If you think kids don’t know how to socialize, get them play dates and put them in a sport, club, music or art program. There are FREE ones out there so cost isn’t an excuse. Don’t put them in front of technology if you think your child is struggling making friends or socializing.

Bullying happens. But it also happened when I was a kid and my parents were kids. Bullying stops in the home by parents teaching their kids not to be assholes.But since some parents are assholes themselves, we will always have bullies. That’s the reality. It is our JOB as parent’s, family, friends, teachers, just plain freaking citizen’s of this world to stop it when we see it. Teach our kids to stand up to bullying and stop it if they see it occurring. Give them the confidence to do that. And never let it slide. Bullying isn’t ok but it starts with EACH individual saying no more. Whether it is at school or online.

Currently my child is downstairs learning Spanish on an App which he does every morning. Technology can be educational and beneficial. Use it for that! Take advantage of the positive and don’t dwell on the negative.

I had a talk with someone last night. Because of the social media and the technological world we live in, you can persue ANY fucking dream you want. There are NO limits. There is access to infinite information. You can literally carve your own career to be and do anything if you are willing to put in the research and work to back it up. You can connect with people and organizations like never before. There is no excuse for not making something you dream of become a reality any longer. Only lack of work behind the dream.

I’m pro social media. But I’ve set boundaries for myself and my family and even my relationships as in limiting when I am with people I love. Be proactive and not reactive. Be self aware enough to know your limits and guide your children to learn theirs.

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