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I don’t have any specific posts in mind for today but wanted to sit and just BE with my writing and computer (and cup of coffee) so let’s see where this goes.

So yesterday I read an article about Breastfeeding. No I am not having another baby BUT it popped into my feed and the author did a good job of catching my attention. It was something like “What is the big deal about covering up Breastfeeding Moms?”.

So of course I read and got sucked in and was two seconds away from reposting on my Facebook account and ripping the woman apart and then I realized that 1) that was intensively impulsive of me and I wanted to calm down 2) the author succeeded. She succeeded because I believe 90% of the things we read on social media are there to evoke strong feelings and therefore suck us in and then share it and that promotes the author and they are actually making money, most of the time, when we pay them attention. Well done Mommy Blogger. Well done. But you aren’t getting my money today! Which is why I settled down instead of sharing her blog and funneling people to it. It is the one bit of power we can have in this world of the internet is to spread messages or the power to NOT.

But frankly here is my opinion because I feel like giving it. Because I don’t get worked up easily….like I really don’t….but when women and especially Mom’s are out there shaming other women I get freaking fired up! I rarely engage in public debates but if you come at my friends I will take your ass down. I am a fiercely loyal friend to the ones I love.

Anyways, this article pissed me off. Maybe I was just an emotional wreck from my parents leaving that morning …. who knows.

I have friends who publicly breastfeed and I have seen their tits almost as much as I see my own. I have friends who cover up but still breastfeed in public. I have friend who whip out bottles of breastmilk because they don’t want to publicly deal with breastfeeding I have friends who bottle feed formula. I fiercely LOVE people who do ALL these things and frankly ZERO fucks are given on what they do or don’t do and how they feed their baby. I would defend ALL these friends of mine and their decisions to the death because it was right for THEM.

Here is my question:

I just don’t understand why publicly breastfeeding is SO fucking controversial here in America. Like is this seriously what we are taking about and judging women about? Have ANY of these people who are judging been to like 75% of the world and seen that women just flop their boobs out, breastfeed and nobody bats an eyelash?!? Have ANY of these people been to a place where children are starving and KNOW the REAL and RAW beauty of seeing a mother be ABLE to have a child, safely be raising that child and be able to feed that baby?

And here we are worrying that it may be too sexual for our husbands, boyfriends and young children to see? Seriously!

Get the fuck over it.

That my dear is a massive insecurity on your part and has nothing to do with breastfeeding mom’s boobies. If a guy I was with got all excited over some woman leaking milk and feeding her crying child I think I would probably question my relationship not the woman’s tits next to me!

If my kids saw a woman breastfeeding and asked me about it I would straight up tell them and explain that is how women feed babies. Why do we need to make it awkward for our children? It has been done for a bazillion years and will for a bazillion more. So it is time to face the facts. Babies drink milk from their mom’s boobs.

It reminds me of growing up when my church leaders would say that I had to dress modestly or I would give the boys “bad thoughts” … Ummm no. The boys have full control over their thoughts. That argument is the most demoralizing and shaming argument that we can teach girls and women. Men need to own up as well. If a dude walks by and sees a woman breastfeeding and doesn’t like it … look away. If you can’t stand seeing another woman feed her baby … look away. Go away. Like far away. To another country and realize just how NORMAL this is among the millions of mothers around the globe. And realize just how lucky that mom is to feed her child. Period.

I breastfeed my babies. Exclusively for over a year each one. I breastfed standing in pools while my older one played when my newborn was 10 days old. I breastfed at concerts. I breastfed all over downtown Chicago and then some while I was raising my babies there. I covered when I could and didn’t when I didn’t have a choice. Once I was breastfeeding on an airplane and a maybe 10 year old boy inquired from his older sister what I was doing with my screaming child under the “hooter hider”. Which by the way is truly a magnificent invention! She whispered to him loudly enough that I heard and he looked at her in horror and legit said out loud GROSSSSSSS! I promise my breastfeeding wasn’t turning on any 10 year old boys.  I laughed to myself. Like a lot. Because it was funny. A screaming infant trying to latch on to mom’s boobs and then eating isn’t glamorous. Maybe we have sexualized this process but I promise if you have lived it, it isn’t glamorous. Or sexual. The last thing on our mind while breastfeeding is if it is turning on some random dude and it should be the last thing on anyone else’s mind as well.

That is that. Looks like the coffee kicked in and this was a ranting post! Haha! Happy Tuesday folks!

Once again. I fiercely love ALL types of feeding your baby. Rock on with your bad self Mom’s. Feed that child from the bottle or boob and OWN it. Give zero fucks what anyone says or does. Don’t even read the statistics. They are bullshit. You do YOU and what’s best for YOUR baby.

And I promise one day breastfeeding will actually not be the center of your life and will become a distant memory. I am there now. It is a priceless time in my life full of memories. But it truly is a distant memory and now my kids eat candy off the movie theatre floor…insert eye roll…and are thriving HEALTHY boys. They all survive. We ALL love our babies. Let’s just accept and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Life is too damn short. Rise together Moms!!!!!! We NEED each other. We got this TOGETHER!

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