Week 2 … Journey to Ironman #2

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In a couple days I hit the 10 month mark to Ironman Wisconsin. I am still in a more relaxed stage and incorporating more yoga practices and strength training. I love practicing Ashtanga Yoga because to me it feels like strength training! Ha! It is a pretty intense practice and I always feel fatigued and like I got a workout with it. I also like my own personal 20-30 minute practices as well incorporating more gentle poses and working on specific areas of the body or specific poses. Ironman will be here before I know it and soon I will be back to full on training. I am enjoying this time of a bit more free style and relaxed weeks. I will kick things up into high gear at the beginning of the year. Until then I will keep it pretty simple as I am doing now. I enjoy routine but I equally enjoy an “off-season” of mental and physical recovery.


This week in training!


I did 100 floors on the stair stepper and a Cardio/Plyo/Weight class. The class has been the biggest game changer. I love the moving and dynamic strength training. I usually tone down the cardio portions to more strength because I don’t feel I need as much cardio as I do strength but I LOVE the plyo moves! I really think consistency with this class will be a game changer for me going forward.


10 miles on my favorite trail! It was SO nice to get back to my trail! When I do my Enlighten Yoga work I am in the area this trail is so I always try to make time for it. It was SO beautiful and the leaves were turning colors. This loop is pretty much up or down the entire time and I love that I am getting stronger on hills from just going out there and running in nature for fun! It makes me keep that ultra running on my radar for maybe 2018 … Anyone want to join me on a journey to 50k … 50 miles … 100k …. 100 miles! Hahaha!



Swim in the AM. It felt amazing to get back into the pool! I love swimming!!! I have a long way to go to gain back Ironman endurance BUT for now I am just enjoying the gliding and dance in the water. I have toyed with taking a Master Swim class once a week starting in January. Then I would have one structured workout and the other one or two a week I can just swim for the joy of swimming like I love to do. I think I may do that …. I just need to work out my schedule and see if I like the coach.

Bike in the PM. Got my trainer set back up and spun out the legs! My bike will soon become my main focus in the next few weeks. I’ve got some work to do but I love biking so I’m looking forward to it!



Rest Day. I woke up with a cough and not feeling great. I had a million things to do so instead of hot yoga and running as planned I just focused on everything else and got to bed as early as I could. Listening to your body is SO key!


Spin class with Bob! It is tradition!


15 mile RUN on the lake at sunrise! It was SO beautiful! The sunrise was truly one of the best ones I have ever seen on the lake. The colors and vibrancy and energy was phenomenal! I set out for 10 miles but then I decided to run some more and head to Wrigley Field to go celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series! The field area wasn’t crowded at all as everyone was probably asleep still. Haha! I made friends with a little running group standing out there and they helped me get a cool picture. I was definitely SORE after this run and had the tightest hips! Loads of yoga was in store the rest of the day as I went from runner woman to soccer mom the rest of the day!

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Full rest day!!!

That is pretty much my week! Lots of shorter yoga practices tossed in there too. I just don’t remember them all because I squeeze them in randomly!


So a HUGE thought I had for last week was this quote I have seen quite a bit and still it resonates strongly with me. And especially now…

If it excites you and scares the crap out of you … It probably means you should do it!

Taking risks and chances are HARD to do. But when your soul is telling you to do something and it makes you nervous AF to think about doing it BUT it also makes you happy and excited and giddy … I really believe whatever that thing is, is worth doing. I have been pressed out of my comfort zone a TON this year. It has been a crazy year to say the least. I have tried and succeeded at a lot but I have also tried and failed at even more. I have been accepted and also felt rejection.

No matter what, every single event or incident has taught me something about myself and helped shape the next phase. If you find success that is amazing! If you fail … you LEARNED.

I don’t believe in failure.

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Life is too short to live ordinary. Take the risks. Do what your spirit is telling you to do. Follow your curiosities and your passions. TRY. TRY. TRY. You never know unless you TRY.

It is ok to be a beginner. It is OK to look stupid AF while you are learning. You are more freaking amazing and look a hell of a lot more intriguing and appealing than the comfort zone. Dreams are never given to us without the power to make them come true. You just have to be consistent, show up every.damn.day., WORK hard and above all be patient.

A lot of little things CREATE your big dreams so don’t look too far ahead. What is your next move? Today. Just today. Look for one little thing you can do TODAY to get one step closer.

As we approach the holiday season and end of the year, take time to reflect on where you are and what you want. Don’t wait until January 1st to make the changes and take the steps. Start TODAY and start small. Take the RISK. You will succeed or learn. But most of all you will begin on a journey to trust yourself and that inner voice that says something is worth going for. That is a life of passion. Take a chance. Blow your own damn mind.


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  1. Suzanne Sirianni says:

    Hi ! Love the Chicago Cubs picture !
    Quick question – do you use regular running sneakers for trail runs? I want to start running trails. Thanks , Suzanne

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