Week 1 … Journey to Ironman #2

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Well guys! I know I am crazy to start thinking of Ironman this soon BUT since I don’t have anything to really be training for, I am going to jump back into the Tri World of Swim, Bike and Run and call it Ironman Training! Haha!

So I am 313 days out and it will be here sooner than I think. I had always thought I would gear up around January but why not just call it Ironman Training now. I am not a natural athlete and have ZERO god given physical talent. I have to REALLY work for my fitness!!!!  Endurance is a part of my life now and even when I have been knocked down I have learned to get back up and build back up from nothing. It is a LIFESTYLE and one I plan on living until I am the young age of 103!!! Someone has to be the oldest woman to finish an Ironman and I think that someone should be me in like 60-70 years!

This week I still count as recovery from Amsterdam:

Saturday — 4 mile RUN and it felt SO good to run 6 days after my Marathon! I felt strong and ready to get back at some low mileage and knew I had come out of the race injury free!

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Sunday — Yoga Day! I incorporate a TON of yoga into my weekly workouts but do it as my own practice usually. I like to work on specific asanas and flows to help my body with the heavy demands of endurance sports. I also LOVE to practice handstands and forearm stands these days!!!

Monday — 4 mile RUN and Yoga! Another really strong run and I really picked up the pace for a few of the miles. It felt good to get a good sweat in and move my legs again!

Tuesday — I had a busy day so was able to squeeze in just a quick 1 mile RUN and some more Yoga! I always say … A mile run is better than a no mile run! We do what we can on any given day and realize it is consistency that gets us to our goals, not any single workout. So keep showing up!!!!  ANYthing is better than nothing!

Wednesday/Thursday — I spent doing Yoga! I got in a long practice a few 20 minute practices.

Friday — I decided it was time to return to my Spinning with Bob Fridays. I have been doing spin class with my 86 year old partner in crime for years now and since I was running so much for the marathon training and taking advantage of the outdoors, I haven’t been in a few months! So I hopped back onto a bike and we rode, rocked out to the music videos, laughed until it hurt and planned out our 2017 race calendars together!

Now some people don’t consider “spin class” a legit “triathlete” workout and I say fuck that. If it makes you happy and keeps you consistent then spin your little heart out! Do I think you should ONLY train in a spin class, no … but if you want to spin and have FUN with your training and still work up a killer sweat doing a different workout than on your trainer … Just do it! Don’t worry what anyone else says. March to the beat of your drum and get to that finish line being authentic and true to yourself, whatever that looks like!

Saturday — I got in a 5 mile RUN before playing soccer mom all day!


Sunday — Full rest day.

So that is my week in training. I am blaring to go this week and ready to get back in the pool and also on my trainer! I set up my bike and got it all ready along with a small tv I had laying around. I hooked up my ROKU to it so I could watch Netflix and keep catching up on the Walking Dead! I am still in Season 5 but am completely hooked on the show!!!

PS … If you don’t have a ROKU stick, I would HIGHLY recommend it. It has been a game changer for me since I don’t have cable! I can watch hulu and netflix on my TV!

I plan on adding in a TON more weights, yoga and TRX now. My focus is to get flexible and strong. I have a very solid running base but I want to get a solid swim and bike base heading into 2017. I plan on being in the BEST shape of my life this coming year!

The races I have my eyes on are:

A February Marathon (any recommendations)?!?

Madison 70.3

Muncie 70.3

Ironman Wisconsin

Berlin Marathon

Chicago Marathon

NYC Marathon

MAYBE a later 70.3 like Austin???

MAYBE a 50k or 100k???  MAYBE!!!!!!!!

I haven’t signed up for the 70.3’s yet and the last three marathons are lottos so I guess we will see what pans out! I figure write it all out and put it all out there and be pleasantly surprised to what actually sticks! HAHA! I’m sure I won’t do all of these but I am hoping for a few to pan out! All I know for sure is IRONMAN WISCONSIN …. I am coming for you!!!!


Also, I wanted to share three books with you guys that I have been reading lately. You all know I am a massive book worm so I like to pass along my FAVS! See THIS POST or THIS POST for more favs!

  1. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen … This is his Autobiography and I find it absolutely fascinating. I LOVE me a good memoir and he tells a story like nobody else. His unique writing style and childhood stories have me laughing outloud!
  2. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself … One of the girls in my Enlighten Yoga Group gave this to me as a gift and I plowed through this. I was highlighting it and took a ton of pictures of passages I wanted to remember. HIGHLY recommend this book and am so thankful my girl gave me this thoughtful gift.
  3. A Journal from the Sea by Zachry K Douglas … This guy is my current FAV poet! I am a poetry nerd if you haven’t noticed and I love anything RM Drake but this guy I actually consider a friend too and have been following him for a long time. His work is beautiful and it is a MUST read in any home that enjoys poetry!


And on a final note … Fall Soccer is finally winding down. We have one more practice and one more game until the season is DONE! Which is nuts because I feel like it has consumed our nights the past few months. It has been busy but I have actually enjoyed the bonding time with my boys in the car talking about school and working out life! Ha! Some days we just rock out to music too which is fun to share my old favorites with them like Blink 182.


It has been amazing watching them grow and especially my oldest as he is on a more competitive league this year. All us parents were talking this weekend about the change from the first game to now! Watching your kiddos develop, progress and thrive is SO rewarding! I am so proud of both of them!



Over at Enlighten Yoga we are starting a 40 day Meditation Challenge on November 1st! The theme will be gratitude and we have some really fun stuff planned! Head over to our Facebook page or our Store to get signed up and have access to our private Facebook group! I am REALLY excited about the next 40 days! JOIN US!



  1. What races are you looking at for 2017?!? Just throw them all out there to me! Even the big scary ones and ones!!!
  2. Do you watch the Walking Dead?!? I am only on Season 5 so NO spoilers but I am obsessed!
  3. What book are you currently reading??? I am already looking for my next novel!
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    • Haha! Thank you! I always just toss EVERY single idea out there and see what sticks in the end! It’s an overly ambitious list and I won’t do them all but it is fun to have a long list to start and then to see what the stars have in order!

  1. Robin says:

    I want to do a triathlon this year! There is a sprint series in my town I would like to do and then at the end of the summer, Ironman Santa Crus, 70.3! Gulp!

  2. Richard stevens says:

    Looking for a feb marathon? Check out the Phoenix marathon on the 25th or so. I’m doing it as my first and as part of my trading for my first Ironman in Lake Placid next july

  3. Meg says:

    I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday!! I’m already feeling the post marathon blues now that it’s over. It was amazing and went by so fast. Still trying to decide what I want to do next. However, I noticed you did a 30 day blog challenge. I’m going to start mine today, updating the blog every day of November!!

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