Triathlon Training Resumes

Ahhhhh Triathlon Training … My old friend!!! It has been awhile!

After Ironman Wisconsin I took a LOT of time off swim/bike/run and just let my body heal up and recover from an insane year. Triathlon Training has been off and on for me the past 18 months and so much more will make sense in the coming weeks. I promise!

Since I knew I was going to be trekking in Patagonia, I focused a lot on strength training, incline walking/stair stepper, yoga and my love of pole dance. I felt myself get stronger and stronger each week and it was FUN to build back up the muscles I had lost.

While I trekked an insane terrain and well over 100 miles through Patagonia with my massive backpack, I know I lost muscle but kept my endurance. The technicality of the circuits I chose and the weather … and carrying my life in a backpack for 2 weeks, limited me to walking and I had no desire to run. I came home notably thinner and with a loss of most of my upper body muscle. I don’t weigh myself, I don’t give any fucks about body image or sizes or numbers … I say that only to put in perspective where I am now and where I am going. Additionally, I had some injury/trauma to my torso region that I don’t want to elaborate on at this time, I want to save the story for my book but it still is aggravated and I sought medical attention. I am OK but still cautious and that is why it’s taken a week to get started with Oceanside Training!

So going forward….

Oceanside Half Ironman is 11 weeks away! I LOVE this race. I did it a few years back and all my friends will be there again this year. My family will come and it is basically a huge party with a short 70.3 mile race involved. Haha!

Everyone asks me how do I train, what is my training plan, ect. I have come up with a phrase for how I train.

Intuitive Training

I don’t track ANYthing, I don’t follow a plan, I don’t wear a watch, I don’t know my heart rate, I don’t know anything basically that normal triathletes work with. I do it all on my intuition and how my body feels.I am very in tune and in touch with my body and know what it needs and when.

I know how to be self disciplined and work hard. I also know when to pull back. I truly in my heart of hearts believe most runners and triathletes overtrain and I monitor myself closely to make sure my energy levels, sleep, nutrition and fatigue are under check. My kids and work come first, if training compromises them at all, I pull back. This is my hobby. Something I am bat shit passionate about. But it doesn’t rule my life.


I plan on swimming 2-3 times a week. Right now I am just swimming to fall back in love with it which didn’t take long. I LOVE swimming. I love the meditative flow of it all. I am going to shoot for 45 minute sessions. Maybe 30. I need to be able to swim 1.2 miles and nothing more for this year (so far!!!) so I am keeping my sessions short. I have debated after a few weeks, putting in some sprints just to spice things up. I have an idea of what I would do so stay tuned and I will share my workouts if I put any together. I won’t be swimming more than 1500-1800m this entire spring. There just isn’t a need for me.


I hate that I can’t ride my bike outside here in Chicago year round. There will be some that do but not me. I can’t deal with the cold. Soooooo my choice is to do as many spin classes a week as I can. I have a few REALLY amazing teachers and one is a Tri coach who puts together GREAT workouts that I look forward to making when I can. My gym has amazing bikes so I feel it is a fantastic workout. I will do my own bike as well in the coming weeks once a week, just to train on the bike I will race on. Oceanside is known for the HILLS so I will be focused on hill work the next 11 weeks and actually St George is after and is a bitch for hills too so basically my focus is hills this spring!

The other reason I am choosing to do these spin classes is that my dearest friend Bob Scott does them too. I haven’t rode with him in a month or so now but he is there riding 5-6 days a week at 87 and still can knock out a Half Ironman. I love riding with him. It is our bonding time and we banter and laugh. He pushes me to be a better athlete but most of all a better human. I want to train with him as much as I can this year. I will look back at this year and may not see a PR or anything ground breaking but I want to be filled with memories laughing with Bob and turning 36 and 88 and still competing together. Those are the things that matter most.


As soon as some of the snow melts, I will head back to my trails! I can’t wait to run on my trails but for now I am going to use my home treadmill. I plan on running 3 days a week and one of them being longer. I have no need to run over 11-13 miles right now so I will stay in my sweet spot of 10 miles as my long run and maybe closer to race day I will toss in a 12 miler if I am feeling feisty. I love to just run. I know that may never get me faster but it is my favorite. Especially if I can run on trails. As soon as I can, I plan on running outside, I am just a fair weather outdoor runner and hate wet feet and sliding so I don’t run in snow or ice. Maybe I will throw in some speed work if I am feeling it. Once again I will post my workouts so just stay tuned. Haha!


I plan on focusing in my strength training. Squats, Lunges and Deadlifts. Upper body will be pull-ups, some other back work and shoulders. The rest of my upper body strength training comes from pole class, rock climbing and yoga which I incorporate in one almost daily.


Before I left for Patagonia I was Vegan. I have played around with Vegetarian and even Vegan for years but finally took the Vegan plunge. I knew going into my trip, that could change. I was REMOTE and when served food I wanted to EAT and not worried if there was a trace of butter in it! So I lifted the vegan and stayed vegetarian. I am done with meat but that is a whole other post.

So for now … I flipped back to vegan when I got home. I honestly plan to follow that as much as I can. I also am not going to be 100% strict. There will be times I flip back to vegetarian if I feel it for a meal or eat something not totally vegan. I believe in the vegan lifestyle and any vegan will probably smack me for saying I am a flexible vegan, but it is what it is. I honestly feel a HUGE difference when I eat vegan for the better so it will be fun to train as a mostly vegan athlete this year and see what happens!

So that is that….Where I stand on training! Just a few questions for you??

  1. Snorkles…I see them popping up more and more at my gym. They look fun and actually like they could be fun and help my form at the same time. I love my fins so I am not opposed to swim props! Any thoughts?
  2. What type of content would you like to see from me this year with Triathlon? Running? Nutrition? Let me know so I can organize my thoughts! Hahaha!

Lastly…WILD Triathlon is having a HUGE sale on the Passionate Pink Collection so head over now to grab your kit before it sells out! Last week the RED was on sale and came VERY close to selling out! And stay tuned …. Some REALLY exciting things are coming soon!!!!!!!!!

Till next week’s update!





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  1. Lisa Bolin says:

    I’m simply inspired by you ❤️
    I’m a single mom of 3 kids & work a full time job. I work out 2 x a week and I too am a fair weathered runner here in Ga. I’m 50 and weigh 120 lbs 😬
    I love the mental clarity a kick ass work out gives. My question is how do you fit in a daily workout without compromising time with our kids?

    • YAH MAMA!!!!! You are amazing! Hahaha! Fair weather runners unite!

      I have to be creative and honestly sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Early mornings and afternoons work best for me. My job can be more flexible but honestly waking up super early has been a game changer. Means I am lights off and in bed at 9 with the kids but I accomplish so much in those quiet hours. If I sleep in, work or kids or training is compromised.

  2. Angela says:

    I’m excited to follow your flexible vegan method of training! I would classify myself as mostly vegan, but I too randomly eat eggs and fresh salmon if it’s available to me. I’ve been following you for years now and look forward to your daily posts/videos. Best of luck training!

    • I love it! I will definitely try to keep this as real and as much info on the flex vegan as I can. I love the lifestyle as I said, I just learned that it may have to be a little more flexible for times when I travel, ect. 🙂

  3. jacqueline says:

    I love your posts! I just startend triatlon. I love the fact that you are doing it all just to be happy and not for records or pr’s. Runner and biker for some years now and recently added swimming to the mix. Still struggeling to find a balance between work/ social life and training.

    • YES!!!! Especially as a beginner, it is really hard to find that work/social/training balance. You will find it. You’ll also find it forces you to prioritize everything which is actually really good. Shows you what matters and who matters most.

  4. Love your realness with training! I have raced triathlon since I was 16, and always did so oninstinct. Even when racing on my college Triathlon Team, I went on instinct and was more old school. Off and on racing while racing my 3 daughters, signed up for IM Canada (my first) and don’t have all the fancy gear but have the mental strength and determination. And am real- sick kids means shifted training. They always come first. Thank you for being real and you!!

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