Training: Ironman Wisconsin Update

Training from last week!

Monday: Weights + Yoga

I was so sore from these classes that I could barely walk for two days! My first official workout back after a little training break.

Tuesday: 30 minute SWIM + 1 hour BIKE + Yoga

Getting back into the swing of things and flushing out the legs…


Wednesday: 30 minute SWIM & 45 minute RUN

Swimming 2.4 miles seems daunting but at one point in life so did swimming 4 laps. Consistency is KEY! The run was full of hills to get the legs to wake up!

Thursday: 1 hour BIKE

I dragged my bike out to the driveway to get my training in while the kids played around me. A great trick for a busy Mom!


Friday: 1 hour BIKE

Spin class with Bob! It was so much fun to see him again! We have so much fun and I worked SO hard in this class. Was great to light up my spirit with my favorite 86 year old training partner!


Saturday: Rest

I was just worn down. I needed to take a long nap instead of a long ride. I will make this up next week but I have to be thoughtful to my body right now.

Sunday: 90 minute RUN & 30 minute OPEN WATER SWIM

My longest run in over two months! I felt so good too! I took a few walking and water breaks but it was a blast to get up early and run through the streets of Chicago! The open water swim was my first in over a year and I forgot how much I love swimming in the open water with a wetsuit! It was freeing to be just floating along in the water. I swam just over 1500 yards in 30 minutes which was better than I anticipated!



I consider this week one of training for Ironman Wisconsin. After a two month hiatus and a lot going on in my personal life, I gave this week all that I could give. I definitely have a lot of work to do, but right now I am trying to build my endurance back up. I know this is a lofty goal to train for Ironman number 2 on just over 50 days of solid training but I truly believe in my body and mind. They say that Ironman is 90% mental and 10% physical. I am going to test that.

I paid for this Ironman on September 14th of last year. I signed up to finally PARTICIPATE versus spectate. It is even on my 35th Birthday!! I knew I would be there regardless and I decided that playing was more fun than cheering for 2017. My year. The year of miracles, dreams coming true and living in wonder and freedom.

My current GOAL:


That is all. I want to FINISH. With a smile on my face and HAPPY.

My race plan:

Show up!

I will do the swim.

When I finish the swim, I will get on my bike and ride the rollercoaster bitchy hills of Madison, Wisconsin.

When I get off the bike, I will lace up my running shoes.

Then I will embark on 26.2 miles.

It will be a walk/run with more walking than running I suspect.

But I will be high fiving and smiling. Hugging and cheering for others. Maybe making a few friends along the way to run/walk with.

Then I will FINISH. My boys, family and friends at the finish line. They will endure a long day as well and I hope they have a blast lining State Street and enjoying a cocktail as I plow along.

That is it.

It really can be that simple. The only thing I can control is whether or not I show up. And I am showing up!!!

So here goes a WILD ride and adventure for the next 50 days of my life and the last 50 days of my 34th year of life!

Life is for Living


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