Trail Running, Yoga for Kids, Book Chatter and the Moment I felt most ALIVE

Day 28!!!!

Yesterday I got in a relaxed 5.5 mile trail run! It was a cooler day with nice fall weather. I enjoyed SO much just being out in the trees and on the dirt path. The trails have become my favorite place these days. They may not be technical or too crazy but they are mine and I love them. I am enjoying watching the process of the trees changing colors! 2 Weeks from today I head to Amsterdam and 18 days until I race again! I’m still breaking in the shoes but noticed a bit of tightness today (nothing to even think twice about) in different place which is always just assumed when changing shoes. Yah I know changing shoes before a marathon is plain stupid. BUT my other ones were SHOT so I figured 3+ weeks out was enough time to break some new ones it, right?


Yesterday I taught loads of kids yoga classes which I couldn’t love anymore. When the kids would come up after and give me hugs and tell me thank you, it absolutely melted my heart. I had some asking me specific questions about yoga poses to help them sleep, for swimming and a group of boys asked me about ones for soccer. I thought it was so thoughtful of them and even though we laugh a WHOLE bunch during yoga with kids, it amazes me how much they ABORB and really are listening. Coupled with some breath work I had such a good time teaching them mindfulness and awareness. I am SO optimistic about our rising generation. There is so much crap in the world but there is also a lot of LOVE and talent about to rise up. That is what we need to focus on and nurture.

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Soccer practice happened as it pretty much does most days when raising two soccer boys! Ha! And in big news, B learned to zip up his jacket! Only a Mama would understand the excitement over this! I love working with him, even through the frustrations where we just keep trying, until something new clicks. That look in their eyes is just priceless!

This quote came up TWO times only TWO posts apart yesterday on my Instagram feed! Freaking weird huh?!? I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something … Don’t you think it is crazy when you get little signs like that!

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I also ordered a new book! LOVE WARRIOR is winding down so I needed a new read and so I just ordered BORN TO RUN … and NOT the running book! It is a memoir of Bruce Springsteen and it just came out. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Question of the Day

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28. Write about a time that you truly felt the most alive.

This moment. Right here. When I was one second after becoming an Ironman. I never felt more ALIVE in my whole life because I knew in that moment the finish line was only the beginning … Round 2 in 2017 … Here I come baby!


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