Time = Power

Sometimes less is more. So today I wanted to write LESS. Which as we all know is genuinely hard for me and anyone who knows me personally knows I talk as much as I write!

A reoccurring thought yesterday and today is this…

Time heals.


And Time changes perspectives.

Once upon a time 4 years ago yesterday and today I thought my entire world was over. Like I didn’t know how to breath kind of over.  My life was over as I knew it. Truly. As I knew my life from those days and the previous 30 years … It was over. My world ended on my bathroom floor.


I look back and see with new eyes. A new perspective. With Time on my side.

My life wasn’t over and my world didn’t end. It may have been for THAT girl in THAT moment.

But what I see now is this:

My life was just starting to begin.

And my world was just about to grow SO massively even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have comprehended it.

Sometimes my dear friends, when something feels like the end … It is truly the beginning of something more great and more TRUE to your spirit than you could imagine.

But give it time.

Time is the most powerful force on earth along with love.




Love you all.

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