There is something about those Midwestern Men …

I am from Idaho. Born and Raised.

I grew up fishing (yes … I may look sweet but I know how to gut a fish and check his stomach to find out which bugs I should be putting on the line to catch the next one with)

I grew up camping … I can go days without showering except in a river or brushing my hair.

I grew up white water rafting and hiking.

I grew up learning to shoot guns at a VERY young age. Don’t judge here people. This is just a fact of life in some places in the county and not a political statement. My grandpa made damn sure I knew how to respect a gun but also take out an empty pepsi can from a distance.

I grew up driving tractors with my Grandparents and driving pick up trucks at age 10.

I can curse with the best of them and make a mean ass apple pie in a short summer dress.

I am a country girl through and through and live for the music, work ethic and REAL down to earth kindness.


When I drove away from Boise when I was 17 and headed off to college at Utah State University … I knew I was never going back to my homeland. Something in my bones told me there was a different place in the world for me to settle and more of the world to see than the backdrop of the Rockies.


Never and I mean NEVER EVER EVER … Did I think I would be living and “settling” in the middle of the country.

The Heartland of America.

The Midwest.


Originally what appealed to me was my Finance and Marketing mind as a young graduate from college. I saw Chicago and I saw my opportunity to work on the 56th floor of a high rise and live the “city” life. Isn’t it true what they say … You always want what you don’t have? That is true for the girls with straight hair who want curly hair and the curly headed women who want the straight hair. It was as equally as true for me living in a small city and wanting the BIG city glitz and glamour. So I took the first job offer I received and planted my ass smack dab in the center of Chicago.


Flash Forward about 12 years.


I am now raising two little boys. For many years I kept saying … I will move the minute they graduate. This area isn’t for me.

Until recently.

I returned home from a solo adventure to Bali in June. I was away for a month traveling and then recovering from Dengue Fever in Idaho where my parents took care of my children and nursed me back to health. I can still remember the way my own bed felt after that crazy month. I don’t think I have hit such highs and lows in a month. It changed me. I was destine to go to Bali. I knew that one in my bones as well. The stars aligned for me and the Universe carved that path. And I would take the horrid illness a million times over for the lessons I learned, images in my head and experiences.

I got home and looked around. At my life. At my routine. At my people. And I realized how beautiful it REALLY is. The most spectacular piece of that is that I created every single bit of it. It was JK Rowling who said, It was at rock bottom I built the foundation for my life … Or something like that. I’ve quoted it before and you get the gist.

This summer has taught me the beauty of “settling”. It has such a negative connotation and yet is so peaceful, secure and safe. Settling doesn’t have to mean having anything less than you deserve. Maybe settling INTO life means you have found “home”. I have a WILD heart and wanderlust and know that my spirit will never stop exploring the corners of the world. But for the first time in my life I feel “home”.

As I watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan. As I drive through the cornfields to get to soccer practices with John Deer tractors in the background. As I see the people every day who I would do ANYthing on earth for. As I see the boys my babies are growing up as … And that a large part because of the community and people I choose to be around. I am happy. I am home. And I am “settled”.


Midwestern Boys have a reputation and stigma that follows them …

  1. Hard Working … A work ethic unparalleled
  2. Honest … True blue and REAL
  3. MANNERS!!! They open doors and say please and thank you.
  4. Loyal … Family and Friends are life and when you are in … You are in
  5. Tall, Athletic, Handsome … No need to elaborate here 🙂
  6. Smart … Some of the best universities in the nation come from the midwest

I was thinking about Midwestern Boys the past few days and realized how freaking RAD it is that I get to raise Midwestern Boys. They will spend their young lives growing up here. Who knows where they will end up but they will ALWAYS be Midwestern Boys at heart … Just like I will always be an Idaho Country Girl.

I get to teach them to be hard working, honest, MANNERS (you better believe my boys already open and hold doors for me … And they will know how to treat a woman on a date!!!), loyalty and I get to surround them with a variety of athletics and academic opportunities.

YES … Any child can have these and be taught them.


I have found it to be true about Midwestern Boys … There is a reason there is a stigma with them. Which means there are some pretty amazing Mothers and Fathers out there teaching them these ethics.

There are different sub-cultures throughout America. California and Texas and Iowa and New York bring VERY different people and values to the table. All beautiful and amazing and what makes our county diverse and interesting. We ALL have something to offer. We ALL add value. At a time we are being ripped apart for political views it is nice to step back and look at how each individual really shapes a nation. Each and every one. No matter the race, religion, sexual orientation or who they are voting for. Each one is special and has purpose.

I have settled into my Midwesterner life and in the next few years I will have lived here longer than I lived in Idaho. It is home. I have seen the sun rise and set on the other side of the world. I have seen the glitz and glamour of Paris and New York City.


When you’ve spent time under a blanket of stars on a Midwest night … Or seen the bright reds, pinks and oranges cascading over a fresh cut field …

You realize raising a couple of Midwestern boys in the heart of a country you love is a pretty spectacular opportunity and settling is sometimes simply finding your “home”.

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