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Week 2 … Journey to Ironman #2

In a couple days I hit the 10 month mark to Ironman Wisconsin. I am still in a more relaxed stage and incorporating more yoga practices and strength training. I love practicing Ashtanga Yoga because to me it feels like strength training! Ha! It is a pretty intense practice and I always feel fatigued and…


Friday Favorites … Supplement Edition

This edition of Friday Favorites (and the first … maybe the last … who knows? … I just like reading other people’s favorite stuff so thought I would join in!) is all about what supplements I incorporate into my lifestyle and diet. I get asked this question all the time so here we go! PS…

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Week 1 … Journey to Ironman #2

Well guys! I know I am crazy to start thinking of Ironman this soon BUT since I don’t have anything to really be training for, I am going to jump back into the Tri World of Swim, Bike and Run and call it Ironman Training! Haha! So I am 313 days out and it will…


Trail Running, Yoga for Kids, Book Chatter and the Moment I felt most ALIVE

Day 28!!!! Yesterday I got in a relaxed 5.5 mile trail run! It was a cooler day with nice fall weather. I enjoyed SO much just being out in the trees and on the dirt path. The trails have become my favorite place these days. They may not be technical or too crazy but they…


Day 14: Who INSPIRES Me?

Monday Morning I was extremely tired. I had VERY little sleep and a lot of driving the past weekend. Between my birthday, early sunrise running, Soccer Mom life, a 1:50am wake up to get to Madison for the Ironman, the screaming and hot sun all day, ect, ect, ect …. No complaints. It was a…


Day 3: Spinning and My Parents Kick Ass

Day 3 First off … I did something really WILD today!!!  I slept in! Holy shitballs you guys, I don’t do that. I actually crashed and was asleep way before 9pm last night and didn’t wake up until 8am. I knew my body was completely drained from the past two weeks but I didn’t know…


Steelhead 70.3 … Cheering with my Son

This weekend I went to Benton Harbor, Michigan on Sunday to cheer at Steelhead 70.3. I did this race last year and had a total blast so was excited to get back. It involved a 2:30am wake up call in order to get there before the gun went off and the time change didn’t help!…