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Friday Favorites … Supplement Edition

This edition of Friday Favorites (and the first … maybe the last … who knows? … I just like reading other people’s favorite stuff so thought I would join in!) is all about what supplements I incorporate into my lifestyle and diet. I get asked this question all the time so here we go! PS…

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Week 1 … Journey to Ironman #2

Well guys! I know I am crazy to start thinking of Ironman this soon BUT since I don’t have anything to really be training for, I am going to jump back into the Tri World of Swim, Bike and Run and call it Ironman Training! Haha! So I am 313 days out and it will…


Amsterdam Adventures

Many people rigorously plan a schedule of everything they want to see and do in a place. They plan out museum times and events around when to beat the crowds. They find the most hip places to eat and popular hotels with the best views. I couldn’t be more far from this … I plan…


Amsterdam Marathon Recap

Amsterdam Marathon I had heard so many friends I have in Europe talk about this Marathon for years now so earlier in the spring I finally decided I would sign up and it would be my fall marathon. I was in peak fitness and getting ready to start training for the marathon after I returned…


Chicago Marathon Weekend

Wowza you guys! I am still riding the high from this last weekend. I just need to jump into recapping it to get all the goodness out there! Friday. Jess and I held a Yoga Workshop with the theme “Letting Go”. This truly had to be one of my all time favorite classes I have…


6 Running “Things” I Can’t Live Without

I did a 10 mile TRAIL RUN yesterday and Chicago was having some pretty spectacular weather! I think my body had already acclimated to the “Fallish” temperatures because I was a sweaty mess! I also am getting over an icky cold/sore throat so I was a snotty mess during the run. Haha! My snapchat family…


20 mile RUN to end Marathon Training and catching up

Phewwwww! What a weekend you guys! I think I needed a few days off to decompress and then when I wanted to write I had a little debacle with my phone! Since most of you probably follow me on other social media channels I will direct you there to see the full story …. Instagram…