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Live YOUR Truth

This month at Enlighten Yoga we have focused on OVERCOMING FEAR in our daily Meditation practice, Yoga, Art Therapy, Journaling and all our intimate discussions. Today I did a Facebook Live Video (yes … bedhead and all … my Enlighten Fam gets to put up with my puffy eyes and crazy morning hair … HAHA!)…



Time for me the WALK to TALK. This whole month has been focused on Overcoming Fear in my Online Meditation Group. Which is actually has become more of the most amazing and supportive kick ass kind of Meditative Warrior FAMILY! We have laughed and cried together and got deep into our fears and how to…


A Month of Happiness … My Meditation Journey

I run an online Meditation Group with one of my best friends in the world. An amazing aspect of this is that I actually do the Meditation Video along with everyone else! Our theme for this last month was Happiness. For 27 days people around the world have been meditating with the intention of Happiness….


Meditation … Every.DAMN.Day.

I have had the most crazy writers block this last week. Like more so than ever before. Until this very second. I set the intention this year that I was going to meditate, journal and CREATE every single day. I have. It doesn’t always look the same or formalized but every single day this year…


Spending TIME mindfully … Yoga Retreat Recap

It has been a WILD past 5 days. I have missed writing here. I am sure about 5 people read this but for some reason writing brings me a voice. I have been debating a lot on how to move forward in the future and what avenues to take and where to focus my attention….