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Day 10: Who Broke my Heart the Most?

Day 10! Training 10 mile trail RUN yesterday! Had a blast picking flowers, taking pictures and just enjoying the little things that make the trails so wonderful. Blasted my music and sang outloud. God I love running! It is so damn therapeutic! I love these lyrics from the song Stand by You by Rachel Platten:…


Day 8: High School Romance and Wrong Turns

Day 8! Training I ran 6 miles yesterday on the trails. It was STEAMING hot out and I think I was the sweatiest human alive when I was done. But it felt good to get outside to feel the sun and breath the fresh air. I slapped on my brightest and most favorite red lipstick…


Is LOVE worth the Risk?

What would you risk for love? Isn’t all love a risk? Mandy Hale says, “Love is many things but SAFE is not one of them.” Love is risky … But you know what is more risky … Not loving. ——————————- Love is tossed around these days like it’s the new buzzword. But what is REAL…



Time to Fall in LOVE in the Fall …

I have a race in three weeks from yesterday. It is Chattanooga 70.3 … A Half Ironman. My 4th in under two years. One full Ironman. 2 Marathons. One 50k. All in a two year time span. I could barely swim at this time two years ago. I was gearing up for my first sprint…



Choose Love

I slept approximately 3 hours last night off and on. I watched the moon slowly find its way to the other side of the sky and stars shimmer and then fade with the early morning sun. I listened to the silence. Except my birds. They are my companions and began chirping for me around 2am….


Dating Advice???

So a few days ago I was asked a question about dating … not about me but about this person’s dating situation. To which I thought in my head, I have two options here. 1) Sugarcoat this. Basically fabricate. Because that is “on paper” what people do. Most of the time. Why? I don’t really…