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Training: Ironman Wisconsin Update

Training from last week! Monday: Weights + Yoga I was so sore from these classes that I could barely walk for two days! My first official workout back after a little training break. Tuesday: 30 minute SWIM + 1 hour BIKE + Yoga Getting back into the swing of things and flushing out the legs… Wednesday:…


Ironman Wisconsin Training Update!

Training Update! Well since I got home from Amsterdam in late October and then family in town for almost two weeks at Thanksgiving I feel like training has been GOOD but not GREAT. It comes as no joke that 2016 kicked my ass physically and didn’t play out the way I anticipated going into the…

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Week 2 … Journey to Ironman #2

In a couple days I hit the 10 month mark to Ironman Wisconsin. I am still in a more relaxed stage and incorporating more yoga practices and strength training. I love practicing Ashtanga Yoga because to me it feels like strength training! Ha! It is a pretty intense practice and I always feel fatigued and…