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Finding Answers

My youngest got up to pee around 3:20 this morning and although he went straight back to sleep, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I’ve been up since. Don’t you love when that happens Moms?!? I finally rolled out bed and made my coffee and went back upstairs to my Meditation Space. I’m wearing a…


10 Thoughts For a Friday Morning

I really needed to mind dump some thoughts I have been having lately. Maybe I will expand on some later but I have seen some themes recently and just needed a place to WRITE! Breakdowns are USUALLY required for BreakTHROUGHS. See how I said REQUIRED. Usually you don’t see the light until you have seen…


Nevertheless SHE Persisted.

When I first saw this picture it resonated strongly with me. How many other Women out there have had ANY of these things said to you? I would bet money you ALL raise your hand. Here’s a few that I’ve heard: “You just haven’t found the right man” “Your clothing is distracting the boys “You…



This was my morning mantra for meditation and journaling today. Yes I involve the word fuck in my spiritual time because it’s a spiritual word. ANYWAYS …. My bff and I had a convo last wknd (those in my Snapchat fam…it was before the ridiculous singing of Disney songs in our excitement for Beauty and…


The CRAZY ones

I was messaging with a friend about the whole being a round peg in a square hole yesterday. My life is anything but “traditional” or normal … In suburbia it sometimes is even more apparent each and every day. I used to live a facade of what I thought life was supposed to look like….



Some clear themes have been on my mind this year. Ha! I know only 5 days but a LOT has gone down in 5 days. I always used to joke with a friend that there is never a dull moment in my life … and 2017 is shaping up to JUST THAT! So these are…


My WORDS for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I am back. And it feels good to be “back”. The ending of 2016 was the most whirlwind week of the entire year and yet it somehow gave me more perspective and balance than I could have ever anticipated. 2017 couldn’t come soon enough and now it is here. And I…