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Finding Creativity Once Again

It’s an early morning here. For some reason getting up SUPER early to meditate, journal and sip my coffee while I write is simply my favorite thing in the world. It is what excites me and what I would get up every single morning for. I love sitting in my writing spot and my favorite…

Finding Answers

My youngest got up to pee around 3:20 this morning and although he went straight back to sleep, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I’ve been up since. Don’t you love when that happens Moms?!? I finally rolled out bed and made my coffee and went back upstairs to my Meditation Space. I’m wearing a…


10 Thoughts For a Friday Morning

I really needed to mind dump some thoughts I have been having lately. Maybe I will expand on some later but I have seen some themes recently and just needed a place to WRITE! Breakdowns are USUALLY required for BreakTHROUGHS. See how I said REQUIRED. Usually you don’t see the light until you have seen…


Nevertheless SHE Persisted.

When I first saw this picture it resonated strongly with me. How many other Women out there have had ANY of these things said to you? I would bet money you ALL raise your hand. Here’s a few that I’ve heard: “You just haven’t found the right man” “Your clothing is distracting the boys “You…



This was my morning mantra for meditation and journaling today. Yes I involve the word fuck in my spiritual time because it’s a spiritual word. ANYWAYS …. My bff and I had a convo last wknd (those in my Snapchat fam…it was before the ridiculous singing of Disney songs in our excitement for Beauty and…


The CRAZY ones

I was messaging with a friend about the whole being a round peg in a square hole yesterday. My life is anything but “traditional” or normal … In suburbia it sometimes is even more apparent each and every day. I used to live a facade of what I thought life was supposed to look like….



Some clear themes have been on my mind this year. Ha! I know only 5 days but a LOT has gone down in 5 days. I always used to joke with a friend that there is never a dull moment in my life … and 2017 is shaping up to JUST THAT! So these are…