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Don’t forget about us Single Moms

The biggest struggle I hear from Single Moms is the isolation factor. We are suddenly in a tribe by ourselves. We used to do couple activities with friends and also as families with our kids. Everything has changed now. One thing we want everyone to realize is that We are STILL a family.  It may…


Mom Life: We are ALL in this TOGETHER

Do you ever have those moments of solace. I know how RARE they are when we have children but I seem to find them in the early mornings during my meditation practice, writing, sipping my perfectly made cappuccino and watching the sun begin to shine on the outside world from my favorite window. My favorite…


Thursday Rambling and Rantings … Baseball. Death. Bad Moms. Divorce. Rejection. Did I cover it all?

I have had ideas for most of my recent blog posts but haven’t done a mind dump post in a while. I woke so early this morning because I was fighting a cough. I admittedly haven’t followed the Cubs journey although I live in Chicago and they are “my team”…but I had to check first…


Your TRUTH sounds a lot like FREEDOM

I got sucked into a live Facebook chat going on last night while I was waiting for things to upload on my computer … It was a touching story and the woman giving it was very raw and vulnerable. Vulnerability is SO attractive to me. This goes for women and men and has nothing to…


The “D” word … I guess today we talk about Divorce

Back in the day when I was recently divorced and I was basically looking at my life like What the fuck do I do now… PS…If you are going through or are recently divorced I assure you that moment WILL come. And it is normal. And EVERYone feels that. And guess what? You don’t have…