5 Supplements Every Athlete Needs

This edition of Friday Favorites (and the first … maybe the last … who knows? … I just like reading other people’s favorite stuff so thought I would join in!) is all about what supplements I incorporate into my lifestyle and diet. I get asked this question all the time so here we go! PS I am NOT a nutritionist, doctor or anything of the sort. These just work for me!

1. Biotin. So some of you may follow me on Snapchat (RunTriMom) and I had a conversation with you a few months back when my freaking hair was falling out! The ONLY thing I can compare this to is that “4ish month mark” after I had my babies when my hair started falling out too. You Mom’s probably know what I am talking about. I only know a few this didn’t happen too. It is a lovely side effect that nobody talks about because it makes your already vulnerable hormones go fucking insane when you are standing in shower and pulling out your hair and you are bawling because you’re going bald. They may or may not have happened more than once. Any other Mom’s relate??? I am sure you do! Ha!

Anyways, after I got Dengue Fever this same annoying phenomenon happened again about 3 months after. I was going insane because while my hair is wild, long and healthy, I really don’t have that much of it despite what it looks like and my ponytail was getting smaller. Anyways, I have taken BIOTIN in the past and knew I needed to start again. And let me tell you, I noticed a difference within 10 days! And a few months later I have SO much regrowth! It is quite funny because my hair is really curly and I don’t ever brush it (going on a month now I believe) … So in the front when I let it dry I just have these crazy little boingy curls everywhere! Hahaha! BUT it has worked for me and so I am sticking with this particular one.

Biotin 10,000mcg in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut | Non-GMO & Gluten Free – 120 Mini Veggie Softgels

2.   Sesame Seeds. I started eating a couple tablespoons of sesame seeds daily when my hair problem came because it is supposed to be SO good for your hair. I LOVE how easy they are to toss in a smoothie, salad or really anything I eat. The Zinc, Copper and Magnesium in them promote hair growth, glowing skin (helps with acne and hormonal acne) and those are also vital minerals to athletes!!! I have sesame oil too and have friends that use that as part of a skin care routine. I am thinking of trying this out but can’t give a personal opinion on it yet. The oil I have used as a hair mask though and it is AMAZING! Simply rub it in your scalp and to the ends, toss your hair in a bun and let it sit for an hour or so. You have to shampoo twice, well at least I did, but your hair will feel silky smooth after!

Nutria Best Organic White Sesame Seeds 100% Natural, USDA Certified Hulled Seeds Superfood Pouch Great Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium Source Perfect for Tahini & Hummus, 16 oz, 1 lb

Now Foods Organic Sesame Seed Oil, 0.55 Pound

3.   Spirulina. Spiralina is a blue-green algae and super food! I have been using this for two years since I started Ironman training. I have it in pill form and in powder form and have no preference. It is strong in powder form so I add it to my massive kale smoothies but if you are sensitive to taste I would use pill. Spirulina has beta-carotene, calcium, antioxidants, iron, it reduces inflammation and helps with digestion. This is basically a secret weapon for endurance athletes and many Olympic Athletes use this supplement. I RARELY get sick and if I do I can kick it in a day or so when I bump up my spirulina. This is a great and easy one to add into your regime, especially when training for endurance sports and as we are starting cold and flu season!

Organic Spirulina Tablets: Purest & Highest Quality Source of Organic Spirulina – 4 Organic Certifications: Certified Organic by USDA, Ecocert, Naturland & OCIA Ð Natures Ultimate Green Superfood Ð Improves Health of Entire Body

4.   “Calm”. I drink this every night before bed. Not only does it promote deep sleep NATURALLY and helps me get sleepy about 20-30 minutes after I drink it … It also contains magnesium which is essential to any athlete! It helps prevent muscle cramps as it is an electrolyte. It helps to balance hormones which any athlete knows intense sports interrupt our endocrine system. Because it promotes restful sleep, your body is able to recover faster and more efficiently. I will even give my kids this when they have had an extremely active day or are just wired before bed. It tastes great and is 210% natural. Try it!

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Organic, Raspberry Lemon, 16 oz

5.   Prenatal Vitamin. Hahaha! Don’t let your mind wander for ONE second on this one. I assure you I am VERY much NOT pregnant and have zero plans of becoming pregnant again. BUT … I started taking a prenatal vitamin many many moons ago when I was trying to conceive, the 25 months of breastfeeding and postpartum. And then it just stuck with me. I am SO picky with vitamins as the smell and taste of some make me want to vomit. And when I was pregnant I tried a few others but then they truly made me run for the toilet when I simply opened the bottle and caught a whiff. Why the EFF do vitamins smell so bad?!? BUT I found that Target’s Brand of prenatal vitamins have zero smell and taste. Even after digesting it. Everyone may have an opinion on whether it is beneficial to take a “generic” vitamin or even a prenatal vitamin but this is my list and I wanted to keep it completely honest! Haha! I have been taking this particular one for about 10 years now and it is habit more than anything. It is the only vitamin I take beyond my biotin and so it works for me. And freaking TARGET (of course) has the one I love the most. It is a pink pill and on the prenatal vitamin aisle if you go looking for it.


Do YOU take any supplements???

Do you think I should continue doing a “Friday Favorite List” every week? And if so … What do YOU want to see from me???

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