Soldier Field 10 Miler — Race Recap

20140525-173622-63382570.jpg This is my third year running the Soldier Field 10 Miler but my favorite one…Why? Because I ran it with my BESTIE and not only that…my runner BESTIE. Liz is my favorite to race with because we just have FUN and truly enjoy the sport of running. We coordinated outfits for this race of Red, White, and Blue with the same matching lipstick. Because we are dorks. And besties. And that is what BFFs just do! And it’s fun. And you run faster the brighter the lipstick. Proven fact. Can’t argue with science!20140525-173621-63381404.jpg20140525-173621-63381600.jpgThe race is so well ran and is fairly easy to park and get to at Soldier Field.  They offer free parking which living in a big city, you know that is a super huge perk! We waited in our coral for the start which they moved us all through pretty quick for 10’s of thousands of anxious runners! We headed out and seriously just had a blast running. We got comments on our cute matching outfits which made our day of course that people noticed! Haha! Such girls!!!! The course is beautiful down to Hyde Park in Chicago and then back up the lake path with a full view of the skyline and lake. The sky was clear, the water blue, and the weather perfect. We stopped for pictures and just had a blast chatting and laughing. Crossing the finish line on the 50 yard line at Soldier Field is pretty freaking awesome too!20140525-173623-63383571.jpgPerhaps my favorite part and we both got emotional about…was that they had active duty men and women passing out the medals to us. I am SO thankful for their service to our country, my children, and our freedom. I got teary because it is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and humility. 20140525-173622-63382023.jpgThis is one of my all time favorite Chicago races and just a class act race!  Good distance, good symbolism, perfect weather, and of course running with my Lizanator equaled a fantastic running day and race!20140525-173623-63383145.jpg

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