TRAINING: “Real Food” for Fuel during Endurance Races

So I recently asked a question on my Instagram about using “Real Food” for fueling during endurance events. I love hearing everyone’s ideas and what works for them and the response was massive! So I thought I would toss ALL the comments into a blog post that we could all refer back to for ideas! There were SO many good suggestions and ideas that I will be trying out! If you have anything else that has worked or you have tried, leave a comment!! I am not a nutritionist but I find nutrition fascinating and I love experimenting with new ways of fueling my body. Here is the AMAZING list that YOU guys made!!!! THANK YOU!

  • I’ve used pretzels-baggies pinned to my shorts
  • Gummy bears
  • I use pretzels too….I use them during bike leg
  • Boiled salted potatoes are easy on my stomach! Easy to eat if made ahead and put in your bento box!!
  • Boiled salted potatoes are great! I’ve also used things like dates, figs, donut holes, fig newtons, cookies, Mike and Ike’s, oatmeal squeeze packs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the list goes on!
  • My ironman friend totally recommended baby potatoes too! I like energy balls, all three macros, easy to carry. But I also do the drink powders for electrolytes and bcaa like you told me last year.
  • Boiled salted potatoes and sweet potatoes are easy on the tummy!
  • Chia squeeze pouches are good! Chia is a secret running magic food.
  • Love cooked sweet potatoes.
  • I’ve used sweet potato mash in ziploc, salami, choc pretzel balls and PB pretzels on bike. On runs I’ve used Justin’s almond butter packets. Seemed to work well for me until it gets really hot for the salami.
  • I use PB&J’s on the bike. Pretzels and bananas on the run.
  • I make homemade larabars. So dates and nuts. Or i being peanuts and raisins. Make my own banana chips.
  • Goldfish helped sustain me for my marathon. They dissolve more quickly than pretzels but still have plenty of salt!
  • Honey instead of Gu.
  • Sweet potatoes n I make my own energy bars ( nuts+dried fruits+coffee extract+so on).
  • I do slices of sweet potato, and a small PB/Banana wrap on really long runs. Also just honey with lime and salt added. In one of those tiny ziploc bags!
  • I love fig newtons (or the fancier brand of fig bars you can get at Whole Foods). Also love pretzels for the salt. I know some folks who do mashed up sweet potatoes in a baggy, but that gets too messy for me.
  • I recently switched to home made energy balls… peanut butter, honey, oats, flax seed, and mini chocolate chips. I take 1/2 of one every 30min on the bike and it has made a huge difference. Not as packed with sugar as some of the other stuff you see on shelves and very filling!
  • I used Chexmix and Justin’s 1.5 PB squeeze packs for IMLou, perfect mix of yum and salt! First successfully fueled race!
  • Boiled potatoes in salt, potato chips, pickle juice and baby food. Gonna do avocado burritos this fall.
  • I’m going to look into baby food and dates!!!
  • Snickers bars
  • Boiled lightly salted potatoes was the only thing I could eat during long runs with a sensitive stomach
  • I am really lucky to have a good stomach and I use the frozen uncrustable pb&js! The sodium content is high enough I don’t need to add salt!
  • I’ve tried applesauces and baby food pouches. Or we’ve made little snacks of dates, a little salt, and coconut butter/oil. We’ve also tried the Huma gels since they’re primarily chia seeds and coconut water but it’s all the sugar at one time that is hard to swallow.
  • I ate about 2lbs of Skittles during the Maastricht Ironman.



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  1. Zane says:

    Cheese croissant really works for me… a friend of mine is keen on pizza. We’ve both completed full ironman with this… I think the trick is to get used to it well before race day

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