My WORDS for 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

I am back. And it feels good to be “back”. The ending of 2016 was the most whirlwind week of the entire year and yet it somehow gave me more perspective and balance than I could have ever anticipated. 2017 couldn’t come soon enough and now it is here. And I feel such a vibrational shift in the universe. 17 has been my number for many years now and I just feel this year will be the best that is yet to come. The lessons and experiences of 2016 have brought me to this exact moment. This exact place for a reason and now I stand a bit taller looking out with a clearer vision and focus than I ever have in my entire life. And it feels damn good. I ended the year with a spontaneous trip to NYC to see a girlfriend and danced in the New Year with my friends at Marquee. We toasted champagne at midnight and I let the magic that is 2017 begin in that moment.

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I have a list of some specific areas I am focusing in on this year. I don’t know what life is going to deal me this year but I feel confident in my vision. The “how” we will see day to day progression but the vision has never been more clear on how I want Motherhood to look, my career goals, my athletic ambitions, my friendships and my outlook on love.

I pick words for the year and have for many many years. I like a mantra better than a resolution. Initially I fell in love with this word:


“When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself; nothing anyone says or does bothers you; no negativity or drama can phase you”

As I grow and mature in my own womanhood which encompasses all physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual aspects … I have truly come to peace with myself. Who I am and who I am striving and growing to be. But also happy and fulfilled in the present moment. The balance of the desire of growth and peace with today. I do care what a few people think. I think we ALL should have a few people. The people who I care about will love me unconditionally. Give it to me straight up in a gentle way. And I can pretty much count them on one hand. People will only ever understand you from the level of their perception. I see SO many amazing people get so caught up in what they “look like” to others when in reality, nobody really cares…or if they do, it is a brief moment and then they have moved onto the next gossip. I believe true strength lies in being who you and doing what you do without worrying what it looks like to anyone else. I had a conversation with a friend this weekend about it. About being YOU fully and embracing it. Some won’t embrace it. Some will. But in the end, you have to live YOUR life because everyone else is living theirs as well. Being unfuckablewith to me this year is embracing the WILD, spontaneous, loud, sometimes introverted, mostly extroverted, sexual, wanderlusting, adventure-seeking, ambitious, no fear of failure, predictable in my unpredictability, FIERCE loyalty, Motherhood, believer in LOVE and magic WOMAN that I am. With no fucks given.

The second word that keeps coming to me … And I don’t normally do second words is this one


Simply that. A phrase has been coming to my mind these past few days.

“What if”….

That is all. When you are looking for hope, faith and something to believe in the most basic place to start is with that statement. If you can say, “What if” … then I think you have opened the door for the Universe or God or all the higher powers to start working. It takes a morsel of faith and to be able to be OPEN to the possibilities is the first big step in the right direction. So for some reason OPEN has been on my mind and allowing myself to be OPEN to the possibilities. As I have said, I have a clear vision but being OPEN to the journey is my focus. So I decided OPEN will be my second word for the year. It allows a bit of magic to creep in when I least expect it. And believing in that magic is what makes each day worth showing up for and a bit more interesting.


How about YOU?

Do you have a resolution, word or goal for the year?


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  1. Haley says:

    Well said!!! Fate brought us together…and choice has kept us together. You are one of my people and I am so lucky to have brought in 2017 with you. Wishing you all the best 2017 has to offer. XOXO

  2. Felicia says:

    I absolutely love it… Unfuckablewith is one of my words too. Another word for me is Growth. Being open to allow growth to happen. Not being afraid to be challenged, to experience the unpredictable. Because I know that will allow me to grow more. Love you and love this.

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