Mom Life: Mom’s Shouldn’t be Allowed to get SICK!

Does anyone remember the Sex and the City episode where Samantha get super sick and feels like the world is ending. Carrie even rushes to her aid and she still is hysterical and the strong, independent woman that she is suddenly gets forgotten and she turns into a blubbering woman? HA!

I ALWAYS think of her when I get sick. I RARELY get sick … Mostly because Mom’s are truly not allowed to get sick and single mom’s…forget about it! BUT I caught whatever crud my son had last weekend that caused his double ear infection and Tuesday it flatlined me. I cleared my day and crawled back into bed when I got my kids off to school and slept until 1pm! I woke up hoping to feel refreshed but I felt worse so naturally I called my mom bawling and she recommended I go get on a Z Pack so I did. Needless to say, Mom saved the day! I dragged my kids to soccer that night because their energy was off the charts so while the little one played with his friends and the big guy played soccer, I legit used their coats to curl up and doze in and out on the bleachers. First I am the mom foam rolling and doing yoga at practice and now I am the mom sleeping! HAHA! Luckily we have an amazing team of parents who I think embrace my crazy. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home which my kids pretty much think they hit the jackpot because Mom wasn’t feeling well and they got to play video games the rest of the night! It’s funny how when we think we are failing as parents because of days like this …. Our kids actually think it is the coolest, BEST day ever! So ROCK on you mom’s feeding your kids cereal for dinner or getting Happy Meals when you feel like shit and just can’t cook dinner! Throw Mom guilt out the window because those are the days our kids actually think we are the “coolest”….Am I right or am I right?

Yesterday was nearly the same for me. I knew I needed 24 hours on the Z-Pack so once again I moved my Wed. appointments to Friday and slept!!! I didn’t even have coffee! That is when you know it is bad. I did start watching some of “This is US” and I am freaking IN LOVE with that show!!!! I don’t know when I am going to find time to finish the series now that I am feeling better BUT it was a great distraction yesterday. Although I wouldn’t recommend watching it when you are sick or maybe PMSing for you ladies. I was bawling at points but also laughing out loud at points. Between messages from my bestie and mom and help with school pick up from my incredible neighbors, I pulled myself together to bring my kids to soccer again because once again … It is energy going stir crazy at home or I can suck it up and sit and gab with one of my besties while our littles practice. I was starting to feel better anyways so chugging water and it felt good to get out of my living room!  Last night my kids had mashed potatoes and muffins for dinner. Winning! Once again…survival wins out!!!! We cuddled up in my bed for awhile and then ALL of us went to bed by 8pm! Yes, including me.

It’s funny how when we don’t feel well it sometimes seems the world is crashing in and that alone doesn’t seem like a dramatic statement. HA! But the moment we feel better … AKA TODAY!!!!!! We feel back on track and like we are out to CONQUER the world and CHANGE the world all in one 24 hour time period! I am SO damn thankful for modern medicine that allows us to feel better so quick and I’m thankful for my kids for being patient with their Mama and who think I am a rockstar mom because for almost 2 days we haven’t had to eat one vegetable.

For all you Mom’s that get sick out there…I feel ya. We shouldn’t be allowed to get ill. EVER. The good news is…you aren’t required to cook for a few days and “hot lunch”  is always an option. I promise you will also be ready to RULE the world as soon as you feel better!!!

Anyways, now that I am perked up … It is time to go get my sweat on!!!! I’ve missed training for a few days and I’m ready to go SWEAT!

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  1. Devin Chaloner says:

    It’s never easy when you get sick. We as parents are not allowed to press pause and shut down to get better. Our little humans depend on us. I however wouldn’t trade it for anything 🙂

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