MOM Life…I am Rooting for YOUR Rise!

I started a couple different posts today and didn’t finish either of them so I deleted them. My kids were up at 5:15am (Have I mentioned how much I think the time change ROCKS …. insert highest levels of Mommy sarcasm) and my morning routine got interrupted by morning kisses and hugs, a nice foot in the face to my youngest due to some brotherly love BUT of course it was all an “accident”, stopped another argument before 6am that involved why we don’t shut off the lights and slam the door on our brother to try to scare him while he is peeing, a plead to buy some “gems” on a game that were on sale for just 22 more minutes and they PROMISED to do “all the extra chores” while they are off from school the next 5 days, asking if they can have another piece of their Halloween candy (ummmmm, we already had a FIRST was my response???) and lastly one “strict mom moment” where I threatened all the Halloween candy would disappear if they didn’t at least TRY to fall back asleep at 5:16am. The only reason I keep that damn candy around is for moments like that. Yah, maybe empty threats aren’t your parenting style but my kids will do about anything for me out of fear their candy will disappear. HAHAHA! Insert smirk.

So needless to say, I was going to highlight a few woman and do an empowering woman post this morning about how freaking RAD it is when women genuinely want other women to succeed because it is more rare than common these days. I have been truly humbled in the last few weeks by a few women who as Oprah says are, “Rooting for your Rise”.

This was a favorite saying of mine in an interview she did with Brene Brown a few months back.

“You cannot live a brave life without disappointing some people. The people who are “rooting for your rise” will never be disappointed when you say, “No” to their requests because they know your intentions are pure. Only those who have their own expectations of you and their own agenda will be disappointed, and their disappointment doesn’t matter.

Surround yourself with those people – the ones who are ‘rooting for your rise’.”

Find these Women in your life and make them your Tribe. Whether in person or online. We need that kind of love and support these days.

After my crazy Mom morning let me just say this….

I am Rooting for YOUR Rise Moms!!!!!!!

Seriously, our job is effing HARD and CRAZY and COMPLEX and downright HILARIOUS at times. But it is the MOST important job in the world. In a time where our country has been ripped apart about a “job” (yah I know the presidency is a big “job” but let’s call it a job for this blog’s sake K?)….I want YOU…You MOMS out there to remember YOUR job is the one that matters most.

What we teach in homes and to our children will be what and how the next generation reacts. Not saying they won’t have minds of their own one day (and trust me, with my babies they came out of the womb with minds of their own!) … BUT we CAN and DO make a difference. Do we promote and teach love and tolerance in our homes and to our children? Do we model this behavior? Your job MATTERS. And so so so many times it feels like we are failing at our job. My hell is the “mom failure thing” SO real. BUT we keep going. And we do it together. Tossing out the image and ideas of perfection and picture perfect motherhood. We root for each other to be “Perfect for our OWN kid” kind of moms. Meaning some of us … Actually ALL of us will do things differently because that is what works for our family and our kids. We Root for each other’s Rise by being tolerant, open and accepting that even though someone else is doing something that seems bat shit crazy to us or more perfect than us … THAT IS OK. We can learn from each other if we open our hearts, mind and LISTEN to each other.

Mom’s who took an epidural versus Mom’s who went “natural” versus Mom’s who has a c-section …. Listen to each other’s stories! They are fascinating! One was doped up, chilled out and rocking out to Dave Matthews the entire birth (I may be speaking from experience here!) … One was under a powerful meditation for pain control … One was under massive surgery! All three have awesome stories to tell! And funny ones sometimes. LISTEN to each other instead of judging who is more strong and powerful. Fuck. We gave birth. That means we are ALL badass Woman Warriors because anyone who can have a tiny human living inside them for 9 months and then get them out of their body kinda rocks!

Moms who breastfeed versus Moms who bottlefeed. Can we celebrate that our children are safe and being nourished!?! And if we see women out and about with a baby on their tit can we just be happy that baby is being fed instead of telling her to cover up??? Can we ALL just understand that feeding that baby makes the baby happy which means they usually sleep better which means as sleep deprived Mombies we can get a little rest or maybe even a shower in peace! Root for each other’s Rise in happy fed babies because we all know a hungry screaming baby is NOT a fun time for ANYone!

Moms who feed their kids one way versus another …. Can we just be thankful we have CHOICES in our food versus not knowing when we will get another meal first of all! Who the fuck cares if you kid’s goldfish are organic or not? I don’t. Do what you feel your kids need and let the rest go. The way someone else feeds their children is NOT a direct reflection of your parenting. Period. Reread that 100 times please. I post healthy shit all the time for my kids. That doesn’t mean they didn’t eat Halloween candy before 6am today!

Let’s teach LOVE and TOLERANCE to our children and live this by example. From sports teams to politicians, teach your children that EVERYone will have a difference of opinion in their lifetime. Start young. Teach them race, gender, religion don’t matter as long as we are KIND. We are ALL equal. We are all “Rooting for the Rise of HUMANITY” and we can only do that if everyone is on board.

We all have different values we will teach our children and that is OK. But let’s keep the CORE values in the Driver’s Seat.



Zero Tolerance for Bullying


The power of saying “Sorry”

Hard Work



These are learned in the home. So let’s start here. Rooting for each other’s RISE. So we can RAISE up the next generation with even more great ideas and the grit to bring them forth. With the love and tolerance to work together to not just make their homes but our World a better place for ALL of us to live. We are raising a generation that will be more globally connected than any other in the history of humanity so it is VITAL we Root for the Rise of the World. That ALL of us Mom’s from Alaska to Siberia to Australia to Kenya are all in this together!

We got this Moms! It seems daunting at times but let’s just start with today. How about Breakfast actually. Simplify it. Let’s lead by example in every small action each day. It isn’t one big thing we will ever do. It is the small things each day that will change the world and our children’s lives.

I am Rooting for YOUR Rise all you Mom’s all over the world.

You will ALWAYS have someone in your corner.



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