Mom Life: Mom of the Day AWARD

I win yesterday at being a mom! YAY!

Let me explain my two scenarios that determined this…

  1. We will start with the most basic…My kids brought a bag of Doritos out yesterday and immediately there was a swarm of kids around them shoving them in by the fistful…as kids do! And maybe some select adults do that too when nobody is looking … 😉 … Who doesn’t love Doritos! Anyways, it was after dinner for my kids and before dinner for some. I live in the most magical neighborhood where kids drop of their backpack after school and head out the door to play…coming in to scarf down dinner in 5 minutes flat and then head back out until the sun goes down. And even then I get bad looks because I won’t let them keep playing soccer, basketball or whatever other neighborhood games they have made up. So the bag of Doritos was devoured in about 3 minutes. And there were crumbs literally everywhere…when I say they looked like a tribe of wild animals I wasn’t exaggerating. About 15 minutes later I saw my youngest walk over and sit down and begin to pick the stepped on, dirt all over them crumbs up and eat the remains of all the Doritos. I don’t care if my kids get dirty and eat off the floor but this was crossing the line of are we dogs and monkeys or are we humans…I sat and watched as he looked like he was ready to lick the ground and finally decided he needed to stop. This was a driveway after all and who knows what nastiness was on it…and they HAD been stepped all over. But I waited and just observed right up until the tongue almost hit the driveway…like any respectable mother would do…Because life is short…And no Doritos should be left un-eaten. And germs build immunity right? And sometimes kids are so gross you just stare in disbelief until you realize gross has boundaries. HAHA!
  2. Have you ever watched the movie “This is 40”?? If not YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! I haven’t laughed that hard in a movie before…And it still gets me every single time! So there is a part where the mom shows up to school and confronts the “BULLY”….I fear this will be me…So much! Hahahah! I may be all hippy…free spirit….wanderlust…I love love kind of person but I have a FIESTY side that my dear Grandma passed down to me…I kind of embrace it and love it about me…But I have to watch it too!

I tried to embed the video…Sorry if it doesn’t work! I never claimed to be one of those fancy bloggers 😉 If it doesn’t google “This is 40 Ryan Lee as Tom Petty kid”!

Anyways…My oldest in First Grade came home yesterday and was rehashing the first grade gossip with me. Secretly this is one of my favorite parts of my day. I get to hear about who is stronger than who and who is faster than who and who ate what for snack. But mostly, he talked about PE and strength and speed. It has given me a massive insight into the male mind because even at 6-7 years old, boys are concerned with being the fastest and strongest. Although one of my favorite phrases he ever said was …. ” So-and-So is fast but he isn’t smart enough to the be the fastest…I was WAY faster because I looked around to see what was going on and thought about the fastest route”…I almost fell over laughing and had massive pride in my boy because he realized that BRAINS sometimes outwits BRAWNS…But the combo is lethal! Anyways I diverge….

Yesterday he came home and told me that a boy in his class said outloud that


Let’s just stop for a moment.

Read the again.

Take a deep breath.

Now we can respond.


I hope in your head you have some kind and thought out response for how you would deal with this situation…Me, being the mature and wise mother I am blurted out…

“I could totally take that kid out! Girls are WAY stronger than boys. Does he even know what an Ironman is? I bet I could take his Dad out too. And listen Ty, Did you see me and my girlfriends at our triathlons? We are just as FIERCE as the boys! Girls are SO much JUST AS STRONG if not stronger than boys. You go back and tell him your Mom is WAY strong and Girls are STRONG too. Yah…I could totally take that kid…”

I had a very blank stare from my son as I finished those last words…And realized I just said in a nutshell

I could take on a first grader boy…

Oh my lordy….

Really Steph! You had to take it there. Mother of the YEAR award!


I quickly just started laughing and brushed it off like so yeah…you know girls are strong right? I mean I am sure that kid is strong and all but we are all equal. Girls and boys. And he was like Yah Mom…I know how strong you are…and then he changed the subject to Doritos or something…

And off he went to play outside.

And I sat there thinking…I need to get a filter!!! But at least my kids will grow up and NEVER and I mean NEVER doubt that their mom has passion…Can that be the silver lining?

Ai Yi Yi!!!!

So if your kids didn’t lick muddy crumbs of Doritoes off the driveway while you sat back and watched or you didn’t threaten to take out a first grader that said girls weren’t strong … You can feel like you are winning Mothers! I will take one for the team and expose my finest moments…HA!

Hold your Heads High Mamas!!!!

Somehow we all make it out of this alive…Moms and Kids for that matter! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!



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