Mom Life: Be the Fastest to..

This morning these little munchkins were telling me all about how FAST they were.

I’m the fastest at math packets in my class.
I’m the FASTEST runner in gym.
I’m the fastest to read in school.
I’m the fastest to the goal at soccer.

While I know this is a little boy thing and they are obviously not competitive at all

I was quick to give the approval, love and adoration they seek and need as a young child BUT then I took them both by the hands and told them this:

You know what will make your mommy the PROUDEST of you in life?

Their eyes lit up and they were eager to know how to make their Mama the MOST proud

I said:
I would be the MOST proud if you were the fastest to always say I’m Sorry.

I would be the MOST proud if you were the FIRST one to stick up for someone or be friends with someone who had no friends.

And I would be the MOSTEST proud if you would be the FIRST one to say always I Love You, Thank You and You’re Welcome.

They looked at me wide eyed. Obviously not what they expected but then they both said, Ok Mama. We can do THAT!
And off they sped to their next great adventure with Pokémon

It was in their eyes. I saw that they HEARD me. This is what I want my boys to be the best at, the fastest at and most determined to be. And today I got to tell them that. And now it’s up to me to LIVE that by example so that we can be a family of respectable little Love Warriors

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