I have three Moms.

My biological Mom who I talk about frequently on here so I don’t need to go into much more explanation.


Kenya Mom. I will save that incredibly special story for another time. I have written about her, our meeting and experience in my book which I am working to get signed and published. She is intricately intertwined with my third Mom…



That is her name. It is a sacred relationship to me. I have also written (in great detail) about how she was brought to me by the angels above when I needed a Mother’s hug the most in my life. My book will weave through precious stories of our meeting and all she has taught me. For the purpose of this post I will say this…

Mamaste and I met in a yoga class if you couldn’t tell by her beautiful name. I have 4 “worst days of my life”. You know the ones you don’t think you will make it through…literally. But somehow with TIME…you look back and see they were deathly painful yes, but the most pivotal and defining days of your life as well. Well…Mamaste and I met on one of those 4. Coincedence…Nahhhh. I don’t believe in coincidence.

I believe in MAGIC and Angels and Energy and the Universe and God.

She scooped me up from the ground…quite literally…and in that first embrace became my Mamaste. And since then has played a pivotal role in my life. More than she will ever realize.


See Mamaste and I have very similar stories of leaving a religion, divorce, single motherhood, and learning to find our way in this big world after OUR own world was shattered. Mamaste is close to my own mothers age and rich in knowledge. I like to have friends that are older than me (think Bob…86!)…because they have so much wisdom and LIFE and LOVE to share. Their perspectives are quite different than a younger one. Wise and Calm are the words I could use to describe it. And don’t get me wrong…I love my young friends too!!!! But there is something about age that is magnificently beautiful and it brings a confidence, grace and wisdom only life experience can teach. I believe FIRMLY that everyone needs friends of every age. That is where you grow as a person…Surrounding yourself with different ages, cultures and people with beliefs different than your own.

Back to Mamaste. We had lunch yesterday. We always have lunch. And yoga. The moment that we embrace she heals my heart. She brings such a peace into my life through her hugs that my soul catches on fire. My own mother has become “pen pals” with her and they do lunch when my mom visits as well. I told my mom I saw Mamaste yesterday and she said… “Ahhhhh she just is healing huh?”.

She is just THAT type of person.

Over a bowl of soup and a few chunks of sourdough bread with her, I always know that I can conquer the world. We talk about life, work, love, BOYS, yoga, my book and she is the most encouraging and hilariously brilliant woman. She says it as it is in a gentle tone. One we both laugh at by the end.

We talked yesterday about how the unknown and change are exciting but equally as scary. But how we not only should but we MUST do the thing that is “change” and gives us that good fear in our tummies…you know the butterflies that make you want to puke but they are also exhilarating!

We talked about tradeoff’s for work…Money versus doing what you absolutely love…Do you take the risks or do you stay safe.

We always talk about love. Her love story is one of the great ones in my heart. An every day great one. Those are the best anyways huh? She gives me advice on love, boys and we talk about what my love story will look like. She has shaped my outlook on love and my expectations through the years. And she makes damn sure I don’t lower them for even a second!

We talk about how we love my Mom…how I may make her and my mom’s head spin with all the free-spirited sporadic decisions I make but how Mom especially loves to watch me blossom and live my hippy at heart ways.

We talk about her beautiful family and her granddaughters and her angel mother.

In one hour.

That is the beauty of Mamaste. You only need one hour. In actuality I only would need that hug. That powerful embrace. That MOM hug. You know the one I am talking about. I am just one of the lucky humans she has decided to take in as her own. And I cherish our lunches. Yoga classes.

And every.damn.hug.

I have some pretty special people in my life. The Universe has intertwined me with some of the Great Ones. Mamaste is one of the Great Ones. One of the ones who has and will continue to shape my life and be a constant source of LOVE.

I am SO humble and grateful for the Mom’s in my life. All three of them.



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  1. Mel says:

    You just blew me away! I am bawling and smiling at the same time. I was feeling low, missing my own Mom today so of course you lifted me up! I love you Steph!


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