We love our little shits because they are OUR little shits …

Soooo I was getting a brazilian wax the other day … AND my technician and I were chatting and laughing away the whole time. Because what else are you supposed to do when your hoohaa is all up in someone’s face.

ANYWAYS…We have the single mom connection so of course we were talking about kiddos. I had just had a particularly rough day with my boys and was keeping “mom life” very real. About how effing HARD it is sometimes and how sometimes no matter how much we love them (and we do!) but they are just little shits and selling them on eBay doesn’t seem like a bad idea … Or sending them to bed an hour early because you’re ready to lose your mind. Or how cereal is an appropriate food for an entire day when you just don’t give a damn about cooking. Or how we bribe them with candy to just be quiet and not disturb you in the shower. So yah … That’s the kind of real life mom shit we were talking about.

She said to me I was a relief to her. Because EVERYONE seems to have their shit together but her. And they post about it. And they talk about it. All.The.Time. And I wasn’t having any of that. Im the first to brag about and post happy stuff about my kids but I’m also the first to jump into a discussion that we can be REAL about the REAL struggles of parenting and motherhood. And how some days they seriously plot the demise of our existence as their human who has been entrusted to take care of them. And they are little shits for doing that! Deep down I think we actually love them for it but maybe not until that particular day is over and we are kissing their sweet foreheads when they are sleeping and quiet before bed. And after a glass of wine to unwind.

But really Mom’s … let’s be a breath of fresh air to each other!!!! The more real and authentic we are in sharing the ups and downs of parenthood, the more relatable, trustworthy and likely to have deeper meaningful Woman to Woman relationships we are. I LOVE being a mom. But there are moments I count the days until they leave for college. In the end, we love our little shits because they are OUR little shits and we’d move mountains just so they knew how deep our love runs for them.

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  1. CANDY says:

    LOL i laughed out loud at the title because i just really super highly appreciate a mom who’s real about what is sometimes certainly a struggle when it comes to parenting. thankfully, i have wonderfully honest mamas around me as well, and i love that i can call on them when i’m contemplating selling my children to the highest bidder. πŸ˜‰ but then evening comes, and it’s quiet, and there’s nothing more precious than rubbing backs and kissing sweet foreheads and you can’t even imagine how you ever lived without them. great post!

    • Hahaha! YES! Or sometimes I think … all you have to do is come get them and I will bake you cookies to send off! But like you said, when evening comes (and we aren’t melting down before bed!) … Those evening snuggles and I love you Mamas make all the crazy worth it. πŸ™‚

  2. Mia says:

    Hahaha this cracked me up. My esthetician is like my therapist, I’ve been going to her for years. I joke all the time she’s like the husband I don’t have: sees me half naked every few weeks, I wear the crappy underwear for her, and I unload all my problems on her while she makes my life miserable for 45 min ? and ha yes my kids walk the line between being total shits and little loves all the time ☺️

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