Let Go of Your Fear

4 years ago I faced my biggest fear. Stepping out of an airplane and plummeting to the ground.

I’m a big Lewis Howes fan and I was listening to his podcast with Kyle Cease during my long training session this weekend and he touched on this:

1. It’s funny when you think about it. Skydiving. The SCARIEST moment is when you are looking over the edge of a plane with an open door, getting ready to jump out. But in that moment you are SAFE. You’re in a plane with two feet firmly planted. The safety zone. But yet it’s the most terrifying. Because the moment you take that plunge, within a microsecond it is the most exhilarating and freeing experience of your life. You literally are flying.

2. The only reason you’re scared of something is you can measure what you will lose. You can’t measure what you will gain. In skydiving you measure the loss of life which is a big deal but the statistics have your back that you’ll likely be safe. What you can’t measure is that exhilaration and freedom that come from jumping. This rings true in every aspect of our life. If you let go of your fear, the possibilities are endless and are waiting for you.

3. Ever hear yourself or someone else say, When something happens I’ll be happy. When really it should say, when I’m happy, things will happen. I hear too many people think when I get married, when I have this career, when I have kids, when I get this house, when I get this time at a race, when I have this athletic accomplishment, when I have a boy/girlfriend, when I have this amount of money, and on and on. My favorite yoga teacher always says, we work and work for a handstand and then what? Well you can do a handstand but the world isn’t going to to stop spinning on its axis. If you can’t enjoy the journey, enjoy the moment you are in, feel success without a tangible achievement, then how is nailing that handstand going to REALLY make you any happier? You’ll have pride in your goal possibly but there will always be something else you are chasing. Something bigger. Something faster. Something more. Love and find contentment where you are NOW. Find happiness TODAY and that is when the most amazing magic will find you.

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