Keeping Focused Like A Mother Fucker

“I’ve had successes and rejections all along the way and I will continue to do so. Acceptances and rejections don’t define me. My job is to simply keep doing the work. Like — well, you know — a motherfucker.”
–Cheryl Strayed


I get asked all the time how I stay focused to do the work and here are my top three tips:

1. Say HELL NO to anything that doesn’t align with your goals or dreams. Don’t be scared of what others will think when you say NO. If it isn’t a HELL YES, say absolutely HELL NO.
2. Get rid of anyone dragging you down and all the toxic people in your life. I cleaned house and decided the people who were allowed in. Kick, toss and boot the others out. You do NOT have to keep a facade of friendship or cordial relationship with people you don’t want to. Period. Unless you’re in a coparenting relationship and then I say give up your ego and make that shit work but that’s another conversation. Outside of that, you don’t owe anyone a damn fucking thing and especially the people who are two faced, aren’t trust worthy or hinder your progress because they are too insecure to support you. Here’s the kicker. FORGIVE them. Don’t resent them. Just kick them out of the house because they have no reason to sit at your table. Forgive and be done but stop letting others waste your precious time. You can’t get back the time you give people that don’t actually matter.
3. On the flipside, surround yourself with people who DO motivate you. Look, I know for sure that we DO become like the 5-10 people we hang around the most. That includes social media. Are you following inspirational men and women who are kicking some serious ass at life, athletics and in business. Or are you following a bunch of people you really don’t care about, that aggravate you and don’t mean shit to your real life? Change it! Surround yourself with people in your daily life and your social media life that inspire you! Unfollow and Unfriend. Treasure yourself enough to only surround yourself with greatness.
4. Bonus: These two with me in this picture are my DAILY motivation. They are a huge reason I chase my dreams like a mother fucker. They will never doubt that as long as they live.

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  1. Chris Haaff says:

    A very good friend of mine felt like she was getting over-extended by saying “yes” to a lot of things, without realizing the time and other commitments. More recently, she started saying “no.” Instead of justifying it or giving reasons or excuses, she told them simply, “Because I don’t want to.” I started using that advice and it has worked wonders!

    I like your advice even better. If it is not hell yes, then it must be hell no.

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