Just a Woman who decided to GO FOR IT

I left home at 17 for college and never returned to my hometown of Boise, Idaho.

I got my degree in Marketing from Utah State University in 3 years but took 6 months to teach English to children in Siberia. Ufa, Russia

I graduated college and moved to Chicago with my then husband to fulfill my big city dream. I worked at a top Investment Management firm.

I realized finance was sucking the life out of my soul and went to live in an ashram in Kona Hawaii and study meditation and yoga instead.

I taught all over Chicagoland and then had two children and raised my babies as a city mom.

When I turned 30 I got divorced and left the religion of my youth. This spiraled me onto a self discovery journey of healing my mind, body and spirit.

Running got me through my darkest days. Bob Scott taught me to swim and changed my life by introducing me to the sport of Triathlon.

Yoga, Reiki and Meditation helped me find God, Magic and Universal Love once more.

I went to therapy weekly for two years with an angel, to help through this transitional time of life.

I have loved and lost along the way and had my heart ripped apart. I recovered like a mother fucker each time and now stand tall with even MORE love to give because I’ve learned that being vulnerable and courageous is the path to true peace and love in relationships and life. BUT I have gained way more than I’ve lost along the way with people, experiences and love.

I’m in a constant state of creating. I have a clear vision of where I’m going and who I’m taking along my personal journey. There is so much transparency you see online from me and so much behind the scenes you don’t.

I’m feeling vulnerable right now but more excited than ever because life is pretty magical right now. A lot is happening. A lot of REALLY exciting things. I know for sure it’s ok to feel Brave and scared in the same moment. I know for sure that the highs and lows never last so I’m riding this high with my arms stretched out, embracing the wildness and magic being thrown my way.

Life is for Living. And in the end. I’m just a Woman who decided to fucking go for it. And that has made all the difference.

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