Ironman Wisconsin Training Update!

Training Update!

Well since I got home from Amsterdam in late October and then family in town for almost two weeks at Thanksgiving I feel like training has been GOOD but not GREAT. It comes as no joke that 2016 kicked my ass physically and didn’t play out the way I anticipated going into the year but that is how life goes. Ebbs and Flows. I don’t think life would be as exciting and magical to wake up to every day if things ALWAYS went according to “the plan”. I mean they would be a fuckload easier BUT easy isn’t where the growth is or the FUN for that matter!

So the past few weeks I have been burning off the monstrosities of cheese I inhaled when my parents were in town … See my Dad LOVES Chicago Pizza (can we blame him!!!) so we indulged a TON and just had some fun! HAHAHA! That is what Thanksgiving is for!

I have neglected cycling for a lot of this year. It is actually my strongest discipline when I am in training but running took over after Dengue Fever because I had a marathon to run and was starting at scratch fitness levels at the beginning of summer.


The past 10 days or so I decided to break myself right back into cycling and do a little bootcamp! Ha! I am currently on a 5 day cycling streak but am taking today off (maybe not…maybe I will spin out for 30 mins tonight) but I am working to get my cycling fitness back and let me tell you … It feels SO.DAMN.GOOD.! I have missed cycling a TON and am really looking forward to getting strong this winter and heading to the hills of Madison to train on weekends as soon as the snow melts (and it warms up to above freezing! HA!).


Another important component is the stair climber! I have been doing this 2x / week for 45-60 minutes. My max was 204 floors one day and let me tell you, it was a MASSIVE sweatfest! I feel like after only a month of consistency it has made me stronger (and perks…a perkier butt!) … but that strength will REALLY help me as I dive into full on training at the beginning of the year!

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Yoga…Has become a daily routine. I try to practice often but I have committed to a daily practice for now. Sometimes 20 minutes and sometimes an hour. I do this from home 99% of the time on my own. I turn on some good music and just flow. I love to “Yoga Dance” and just move to the music and flow through. I have been really focused on opening my hips and quads this past week. When I am warmed up, I am only an inch from the splits again and almost in lotus. Two poses that are REALLY hard for me as my hips are tight but with the consistency I see such improvements. I want some bomb ass doing splits on my bike pictures this summer in the Wisconsin Hills! HAHA!


I have been getting onto my trails as much as I can too! I love being outside. I am investing in some warmer gear so I don’t have to give that up over the winter. I haven’t done anything over 6 miles but endurance isn’t my focus at this time. It is strength!

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Swimming …. Meh …. Completely neglected! Will someone please make a hot tub pool that I can jump into in the winter that after about 3 laps magically turns into a cold pool!?! That would help tremendously!

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In other big news…I am THINKING of getting a coach. I know…I bet you never thought you’d hear me say those words! I will write a whole post about it soon and my thoughts on coaching and why I may do it for 2017. I am talking to the best ones I have seen around Chicagoland in the coming weeks and will decided if I am even a coachable person after. I tend to be a self motivated, stubborn and independent woman that doesn’t like to be told what to do. Haha! Hey at least I know it and OWN it! I am also looking into a power meter. Gah….Hopefully Santa thinks I have been good this year!


Anyways…that is where I am training and all my other thoughts! Here is the race calendar for 2017 so far!

NYC Half Marathon

Madison 70.3

Muncie 70.3

Ironman Wisconsin

Chicago Marathon

I am throwing my name into the lottery for the NYC Marathon and have my eye on a December Marathon OR a November Ultra. Who knows. I may be completely wasted after Madison and just want to sit around for two months and eat donuts too! We shall see! HAHA


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  1. Devin Chaloner says:

    My pre season preparation is starting with my coach Shawn T. Doing some T25. Am 5 weeks in now working on strength and cardio. I also like outside running. Got warm stuff as long as it’s not too windy. Starting next week will hit the pool at least once a week. New years brings on the bike trainer .

  2. Candice Arevalo says:

    Hi Stephanie , I noticed your ride indoors when days you can’t cycle outside. I am currently new to riding and want to get more into training and since its winter, it’s hard to ride outdoors. I wanted to know what brand do you use to station your bike to ride indoors? Also, I’ve read a couple of things online that if you ride indoors you should get spare tire if you use stationer , is that true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Candice (CanCan216)

    • HI! I use CycleOps for my trainer indoors and can’t recommend them enough! I also use the wheels my bike came with while riding indoors and then change to race wheels during the summer when I am riding outside more or when I am racing! I also just have my bike guy make sure my wheels are too worn at any point in time for safety when transitioning outdoors!

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