I’m Slowly Going Vegan: Meal Idea

I’m starting a new series called …

I’m Slowly Going Vegan!

Haha! Bet you couldn’t guess that one! Anyways, I am shifting toward plant based for a number of reasons that maybe I will get into later. What my purpose with this series is to share the hits and misses as I find substitutes, new recipes, products, ect. Maybe you are shifting that way too? Maybe you just want to do one “meatless day or meal” each week. Maybe you simply think I’ve lost my damn mind! My job will be to try all the new shit out and report back so you don’t have to waste your time trying gross shit. HA!

In other words…I’m taking one for the team here.

There will be a category called “I’m slowly going Vegan” and it will include it all. Unsponsored. Just pure opinion and testing as I figure out how to make this shift. I am planning on mostly vegetarian when I go out and vegan at home and honestly not fussing about the rest of it the rest of the time. You don’t make a big deal, I won’t make a big deal. It’s just something I’m becoming more interested in so seeing how to incorporate this into my busy life, motherhood, training, ect.

I’ll give full disclosure and honestly. So let’s get started.

The first product and what inspired this post was this product:

kite hill spinach and ricotta ravioli


My business parter told me about this and I decided to try it out. I was MASSIVELY skeptical at first but why not. So I made it up and put some marinara sauce on it for the boys and me. We GOBBLED that shit down. Now I am a critic. But no joke I wouldn’t know it didn’t have “real” dairy in it. My picky as fuck boys loved it and so did I. We ate the whole package with sides of corn on the cob and broiled asparagus. We had fruit for dessert. It was perfect. It was easy. And I HIGHLY recommend this for a weeknight EASY meal!


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