Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Meditation Must Haves!

I am going to make lists of all my favorites this holiday season in different categories from books to meditation supplies to supplements I take daily! I will compile everything into a list HERE for reference and talk more specifically to each item in the dedicated post.

Today we explore….

5 Meditation Must Haves!

I get asked ALL.The.Time. about what I use when I Meditate so here are some of the things I use for my daily Meditation.

1. Sonia Choquette…The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards.

These are my FAVORITE Oracle Cards. They aren’t religious, they are just fun and have great messages. I draw a card and use it as my morning inspiration!

2. Basic Tea Light Candles. I love lighting one of these for my meditation and then blowing it out at the end as an act of letting go. When I get really ambitious on full moons and such, I meditate until the candle burns out itself. I like to meditate early morning so often time this is the only light I have and I love the dancing flames.

3. Oils!!! I ALWAYS use an essential oil. I don’t sell Doterra but that is the brand I use and I buy them off of Amazon. (Please nobody rip my head off for that and not buying from a distributer, I have had great experiences and it’s faster for me and just as cheap in my experience)

I could go on and on but these are my two favorite combos.

Peppermint and Lavender … I mix these with some fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball and love to use this on my neck, shoulders and heart. I also use this on my kids chest at night to soothe before bed.

Cheer and Citrus Bliss … I mix these with some fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball and use this on my wrists and behind my ears. I use this one as my “perfume” and keep a roller ball on me all day!

I will put all the things I use to make these in my list HERE.

4. A Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat. I have been using this brand for almost a decade and won’t practice with anything else. You don’t need a big space to meditate! I have a yoga mat laid out and that is my “sacred space” where I meditate! Easy!

5. STONES! I use Rose Quartz and a Moonstone daily to Meditate with.

Rose Quartz is for your heart chakra and is a powerful love, healing and softening stone.

Moonstone carries a deep feminine energy with it.

All my favorites can be found HERE once again!

If you have a favorite Meditation item, add it into the comment section!

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